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5 Self-Defense Moves That Could Save Your Life Anything Goes

Consider this part of your travel insurance.  Having the freedom to travel the world and meet new people has got to be one of the best things about being alive. However, you only have to take a cursory glance at news headlines to know we live in troubled times. Going abroad and venturing into unfamiliar places can be scary, and even dangerous. But does that mean...

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5 Personal Safety Tips For Solo Travellers Anything Goes

With more and more travellers opting to travel solo, what are some practical tips to keep safe while on the road? According to global home-sharing platform Airbnb, the number of outbound Singaporean female solo travellers has doubled from January 31 last year to January 31 this year. And why not? Travelling solo offers many benefits – from being free to create your own itinerary to...

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