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Where Do You Wanna Go This June? (Part 2) The Great Escape

June may be almost over, but there’s still time for a short getaway!  We are here to rescue you with yet another list of possible holiday destinations catered to your interests. Whether you’re a history buff or a water baby, we have tried our best to make the list as inclusive as possible. In the off-chance that nothing of your fancy is mentioned in this...

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6 Splendid Spots In Malaysia For The Nature Lover The Great Escape

You don’t have to travel far to drink in the natural beauty our home planet has to offer. Did you know that up to 70% of Malaysia’s total land area is made up of tropical rainforests? And that Malaysia is home to approximately 20% of the world’s animal species? (FYI, the world is estimated to contain 8.7 million species of animals.) I don’t know about...

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