The Grills Are Alive With The Butcher’s Kitchen Food Notes

Its organic, premium cuts and home delivery service makes The Butcher’s Kitchen a must-visit steak house!

Many steak houses want you to picture their cattle grazing on expansive green fields, complete with singing children and rays of sunshine. But not every one can guarantee quality meat that’s certified organic- and that’s where The Butcher’s Kitchen comes in. Raised on non-GMO grain and non-pesticide treated grass, the cattle and poultry that go into each menu item is strictly checked for quality. This gives you a richer, more intense flavour profile that you can relish. On top of this, the chemical-free meats do not contain hormones and antibiotics, so what you eat is safe and reliable.


Even before tasting the delectable wares of The Butcher’s Kitchen, we were greeted with a spacious view of the mall’s North Atrium- plenty of sunshine here, just no singing children. Flanked by displays of gelato ice cream and a meat counter, the restaurant seats up to 120 and is ideal for both private gatherings or family meals. We liked the restaurant’s open concept, yet sense of respite from the hustle of Suntec City’s lunch crowd.


In our tasting session, two standout dishes came to mind. Firstly, the Signature Lamb Rack, $35, which we’re told is the hot favourite among customers. It’s in the first bite that you can really tell the lambs have been feasting on some top quality grain. The gorgeous, gamey flavour was bold without overpowering our palate. In fact, if it weren’t for it being a media tasting, we would have gotten our hands dirty and eaten the charred flakes off the bone! Over here, you won’t find any gratuitous sauce pouring- meats are simply seasoned with salt and pepper to accentuate their freshness. However, you would be gladly obliged if you still prefer your top-grade steak swimming in sauce.


Despite priding itself as an eatery of prime steaks, The Butcher’s Kitchen’s seafood options were just as mouth-watering. We were especially impressed with the New Zealand King Salmon, $29, which tasted every bit of a pescetarian’s dream. The tender fillet was cooked at just the right amount, leaving its core soft and deliciously rare. You could even taste the pure, briny notes that burst through with each bite of this ultra-fresh offering. On top of that, the dish is paired with sides of potatoes, and savoury strips of eggplant and peppers.


That’s not all- if you’d like to have these premium cuts for the convenience of home dining, The Butcher’s Kitchen has you covered. Whether it’s for a BBQ grill party or a family Sunday roast, you can order fresh, uncooked steaks to be delivered right at your doorstep or bought from their meat counter. If you’re planning a grill party, consider getting one of their meat packs. Priced from $100 – $200, each meat pack contains a selection of lamb chops, burgers and rump steaks for up to 20 people.

The Butcher’s Kitchen, Suntec City Tower 1 & 2 (North Wing), #02-472. Open Mondays to Sundays, 10am – 10pm; last order 9.30pm. Tel: 9616 0111. Visit their website for more information on home delivery options. 

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