5 Lessons I Learned Travelling To 7 World Wonders In 16 Days The Great Escape

It was an adventure of a lifetime. 

It all started about 10 years ago when the then 18-year-old Lucaz Lee’s mother was browsing a travel magazine and expressed how much she wanted to visit the Niagara Falls. As a devoted son, Lucaz was spurred to take his mum on the trip of a lifetime. Around that time, he chanced upon WorldVentures, a travel-based company providing unique experiences and exotic travels, also known as DreamTrips. Since then, Lucaz has been on over 40 vacations, including fulfilling his wish of taking his parents to the Niagara Falls.

From scaling the Great Wall of China to visiting the awe-inspiring Macchu Picchu, Lucaz has done it all. Last year, he made an impulsive decision to travel to the Seven New Wonders of the World. However, in order to make it more challenging, Lucaz did it in just 16 days. Here’s what he has learned from his incredible journey:

1. Ignore the opinions of people who have not been there

“When I was toying with the idea of traveling the seven wonders of the world, I was warned by many others that it was a dangerous and expensive journey that I was not ready for. Even as a frequent traveller and member of WorldVentures®, I started to doubt whether I could embark on this adventure.

However, I decided to trust myself and embark on this 16-day journey to visit the Seven New World Wonders. This decision allowed me to experience the most epic adventure of my life thus far. Having achieved something deemed unrealistic by others, I developed a priceless inner confidence.”

2. Don’t live a life based upon what people and society expect of us

“My favourite part of the 16-day journey was my visit to Jordan. I floated in the Dead Sea, explored the majestic Wadi Rum desert on a jeep, and toured one of the most spectacular places on Earth – the incredible “Lost City of Petra”. While admiring the sunset at Wadi Rum, I had a moment of deep introspection where I wished everybody could have a chance to experience such amazing experiences. Life shouldn’t be mundane. It shouldn’t be about pleasing others, impressing others, and living a life based upon what society expects of us. It should be about pursuing fulfilment, taking chances, and creating peak life experiences!”

3. Greatness Takes Time

“Although the Great Pyramid of Giza wasn’t in the list of Seven New World Wonders, I still felt it was worth a visit. When I arrived at the last and only standing ancient wonder of the world, I was floored at just how huge and majestic it is. Seeing it up-close, it was completely different from what I had previously seen in photographs.

When I was there, I learned that the Great Pyramid of Giza took over 100,000 workers and more than 30 years to build. I cannot imagine that even after more than 4,500 years, the structure is still standing tall, withstanding earthquakes and natural disasters. The Great Pyramid of Giza is truly a testimony that greatness takes time. It reminds me to be patient, and that good things will come to those who work hard.”

4. It’s not about what happens, but how we react that matters

“On my way from Rio to Peru, I experienced a flight delay to the one place that I couldn’t afford to miss. This was the one place that required me to stick to a strict schedule, and I was being held back. It was a stressful few hours as I scrambled to reschedule and re-book my transport and accommodation in Peru. I was lucky to be put on the last train that arrived at midnight that day. This experience reminded me that not everything in life goes according to plan. What matters most is how we react and make the best out of any situation. I’m glad I managed to keep a cool head and figure out the next best solution.”

5. Education means Power, Information means Control

“The seventh World Wonder I visited was the Chichén Itzá in Mexico, where I spent an entire day learning about the Maya Civilisation. I was intrigued by the way of life from more than a thousand years ago. While there, I learned that the Mayans were ruled by fear and ignorance. I felt that it was interesting that even after a thousand years, people today are still influenced by fear and ignorance, just in a very different way (adhering to social norms, fixating on getting good grades, or sticking to a safe and secure job). My trip to the Maya Civilization reinforced the idea thats “education means power, and information means control”. What this means to me is that intelligence goes beyond book smarts, and that it’s equally important to develop our personal lives and expand our horizons.”

For as long as she can remember, Vanessa has always wanted to escape to a place where no one knows her. But because that’s not always possible, she often retreats into the world of books and pop culture. When she does get to travel, she prefers going off the beaten track and back to nature. Some of her best memories include napping in a treehouse in Laos and cycling across padi fields in Bali.