4 Reasons To Catch Dream Academy’s Detention Katong Anything Goes

Will you be catching Dream Academy’s latest production?

Written and directed by theatre veteran Selena Tan, Detention Katong is a brand new musical comedy about the thrills and spills of being a teenager. As with any new creative venture, Detention Katong has its teething problems — the featherweight plot, for one — but is not entirely without merit. Here are 4 reasons to catch the show:


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Defined as “a sentimental longing or wistful affection for a period in the past”, nostalgia is a powerful emotion. And boy, Detention Katong will certainly make you feel many shades of nostalgia. Although the story is set within a contemporary context, with social media playing a big part in the storyline, there are many elements that will ignite nostalgia for your own secondary school days. From insufferable teachers and friendship drama to that constant nagging feeling that nobody understands you, all these gets played out onstage.

Plus, your favourite comedians are in it.

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While the cast includes a slew of theatre newbies such as YouTube star Munah Bagharib and singer-songwriter Inch Chua, it also comprises your favourite local comedians like Suhaimi Yusof, Neo Swee Lin, and Sebastian Tan. The trio consistently delivered the LOLs, and hit all the right notes with the audience. Speaking of which …

The music is top-notch.

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Spanning across several genres — from rock to R&B and soulful ballads — the music for Detention Katong packs some serious punch. And no wonder. The music is brought to you by a group of acclaimed music composers made up of Elaine Chan (Dim Sum Dollies, Monkey Goes West, and Sing Dollar), Sarah Cheng-De Winne (Brand New), Dave Tan (Electrico), and Benjamin Kheng (The Sam Willows). The music in Detention Katong is further proof of how much talent we have on this island. Which is why I always say …


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While we’re very lucky to have all sorts of international productions gracing our shores, Singapore has no shortage of talent either. What we are lacking in, however, is support. The next time you’re wondering which ritzy performance at Marina Bay Sands to catch or which new Hollywood blockbuster to watch, why not check out one of the many wonderful homegrown gigs or theatre productions instead? Trust me, you may just find yourself very surprised.

Detention Katong is playing from now till 5 March 2017 at the Esplanade Theatre. Get your tickets here.

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