8 Unusual Spots To Spend The Night In New South Wales The Great Escape

Going Down Under soon? We have recommendations!

New South Wales (NSW) is an Australian state in the southeastern section of the continent, renowned for its beautiful coastal cities and national parks. Perhaps the most well-known city is its capital, Sydney, but there is so much more to NSW than just Bondi Beach and the Sydney Opera House. Dotted across the state are remarkable places of interest and unique accommodation to visit and spend time in.

Sandra Chipchase, CEO of Destination NSW, says, “Experiencing a new type of accommodation can be the reason to book a journey. This is often the case for luxury resorts, farm stays, and quirky one-of-a-kind options in NSW where the accommodation can be the main star of your holiday.”

Here are eight places to check out on your next holiday:

1. An underground ‘dug out’

In Outback NSW, White Cliffs is where you’ll find the extremely rare and precious black opal. It’s situated in the desert environment where mining hillocks create a moon-like landscape. What’s amazing about this place is how the town lives underground in dwellings called dugouts to escape the heat. At the White Cliffs Underground Motel, you’ll be able to experience underground-living first hand. Here, the rooms are set at an ideal 22 degrees all year round and are completely dark (once the lights are switched off), creating a cocoon-like atmosphere for that perfect night’s rest.

2. Camp Native American style

North America may be oceans away, but right here on the NSW North Coast is an American bison farm. At Aranyani Bison Adventure Park, you and your family can experience camping in a Native American-style teepee. These large teepees can fit up to a dozen people, so there’s more than enough room for everybody. In addition to the bison, the ranch also has abundant native birds and animals, giving you the complete “back to nature” experience. At nights, warm up with hot cocoa by the open campfire. 

3. A London bus in the bush

Talk about combining two holidays into one! This experience combines the best of the Australian outback with the best of London. Perched overlooking a gorgeous valley near Bathurst, is an iconic 1949 red double-decker London bus that has been converted into an accommodation for fourAt Artisans Park at Turondale, the bus has been painstakingly refurbished and includes a deck where you can admire panoramic views of the valley, as well as wood fire heater to keep you warm in winter.

4. A treehouse not just for kids

Relive your childhood with the Wollemi Wilderness Treehouse, located high up in the canopy in the Blue Mountains. With wall-to-wall windows, exposed native timber, and perched on timber stilts, this unique accommodation offers breathtaking views of Bowen’s Creek Gorge. It’s not all rough and tumble though – Wollemi offers spa services on its premises as well!

5. African Safari in Dubbo

Here’s another chance to experience two holidays in one. At Taronga Western Plains, try out the glamping experience in the luxury safari tents  built on the edge of the “African savannah”. From your private deck, see if you can spot giraffes, zebras, and eland as they roam across the grasslands.

6. Caveman Accommodation

In the Blue Mountains, there are two amazing caves you can sleep in – the Enchanted Cave and Hat Cave. Located behind a small wooden door at the top of a cliff is the Enchanted Cave, which is built onto a natural rock platform. Perish any thoughts about dark, dingy spaces replete with bats. This luxurious accommodation offers you with well-appointed furnishings, spectacular views, and even a spa. 

Hat Cave is a huge sandstone cathedral sculpted by nature and set deep within a mountain gorge. Surrounded by a lush and verdant rainforest, Hat Cave is an ideal spot for large-group camping as the accommodation includes solar power lights, rainwater tap, and a composting toilet.

7. A Lighthouse 

Ever wondered what life was like for lighthouse keepers? Now you can experience it for yourself in Montague Island Head Lighthouse Keeper’s Cottage, which was built in 1881. Montague Island is off the coast of Narooma on the NSW South Coast, and is accessible by tour boat only, so if you’re looking for a place to enjoy some peace and solitude, this it it. Oh, but you won’t be entirely alone – Montague Island is also home to Australia’s largest colony of Australian and New Zealand fur seals.

8. Yurt on the Murray River

Ah, yet another 2-in-1 holiday experience. Inspired by the traditional Mongolian yurtTalo Retreat has taken the yurt accommodation up several notches with the extravagant couples-only experience on the Murray River. From the domed skylight to allow stargazing while curled up in bed to the private outdoor spa, this place was simply made for romance. 

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