Kranji Countryside: The SG Attraction Tourists Gotta Visit The Great Escape

If you’ve got friends or family visiting from overseas, we say take them to the Kranji Countryside. 

Orchard Road? Too commercialised. Sentosa? Too manicured. Night Safari and the Zoo? Been there, done that. With friends and family heading into town for the festive season, where else can you take them?

May we suggest the Kranji Countryside.

What about the Kranji Countryside?
Growing up, were you constantly told by your teachers that Singapore’s soil is not suited for agriculture and we therefore have to depend on imports for food? To a certain extent, they weren’t wrong. But, they weren’t completely right.

The Kranji Countryside Association is a non-profit organisation made up of 40 members who work the lands in Kranji to produce foods like eggs, milk, vegetables, and livestock. Their mission is to ensure that at least 1 per cent of Singapore’s land area is set aside for growing food in a safe and sustainable manner.

A day out to the Kranji Countryside will show you that there are quality local produce available for purchase. Below, some of our favourite finds.

1. Kok Fah Technology Farm Pte Ltd (18 Sungei Tengah Road) 
For locally grown vegetables 

Kok Fah Technology Farm

The retail farm market is open on weekends. There you will be able to buy vegetables, melons, chilis, fruit, and an assortment of dried goods like mushrooms and shrimps. The market has a mix of goods from Singapore and overseas so if your mission is to sample some locally grown greens, be sure to ask the vendor before you buy.

Guided tours are available for groups (you pay for 20 people even if you have fewer than that), starting at $9 per pax. For details on how to book one, click here.


2. Jurong Frog Farm (51 Lim Chu Kang Lane 6) 
For locally farmed frog meat

Jurong Frog Farm

Here’s where you can dare your tourist-friends to a Fear Factor-like experience. Jurong Frog Farm has an on-site shop and cafe where you can order snacks like deep fried frog meat, deep fried frog skin, and chilled hashima (the fallopian tubes of frogs). We say the idea is scarier than the reality. The meat is sweet, tender, and has a texture in-between that of chicken and fish. As for the fallopian tubes, well, they are tasteless and is similar to the less scary white fungus.



3. Hay Dairies (3 Lim Chu Kang Lane 4) 
For goat’s milk produced in SG!

Hay Dairies

This is a popular haunt with kids (we mean human ones) and adults alike. Besides getting the chance to try milk produced in Singapore, the little humans will also get a chance to feed the kids (baby goats). If you get here at the correct times, you might even get the chance to see how the goats are milked.

A sidenote: Besides goat’s milk, Singapore also has two dairy farms producing cow’s milk – DairyFolks and Viknesh. We drove to these farms but found them rather quiet with no visitors. Not wanting to intrude, we decided to not make a pitstop there.

Hay Dairies


4. Uncle William’s (67 Sungei Tengah Road, Farmart Centre, #01-39) 
For locally farmed quail, crocodile, and eggs

Farmart Centre

Uncle William is a hard man to track down. We drove to the address that we found online claiming to be the location of his quail farm. The place looked deserted. Upon further research, we learnt that he has a retail store at Farmart Centre. So we drove there and found the man. “So, do you still have a quail farm here?” we asked. “Yes but if you drive there, you’ll see that it’s very well camouflaged. Visitors are not allowed.” Ohhhh …

Anyway, at his retail store, you will be able to buy quail and crocodile from Singapore, eggs from Singapore, and rabbit, venison, and duck from other parts of the world. The man is super friendly and chatty so you might (like us) find yourself staying a bit longer than expected. We had fun learning about the local farming scene from him. Uncle William conducts farm tours (just not to his quail farm, it seems). Click here for more details.

Uncle William Farmart Centre Singapore

Be sure to take your friends and your car (it’ll love stretching its legs on those long, long roads) for a spin around Kranji Countryside. Bring cash and lots of reusable shopping bags cos you are going to be shopping a lot! Have fun!

Jeep Cherokee

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