7 Emotional Stages Of Moving House Anything Goes

Was moving out of your first home an emotional affair? Clearly for this writer, it was! 

I think it’s safe to say that, once I’m done moving – for good – into our flat in March, I won’t be moving houses again. We had to move into a temporary place in October and that experience … well, let’s just say it did not make it onto my list of “Things I Enjoy Doing A Lot”. Coupled with a last minute work-trip the week before the move, the entire process was at best manic, at worst, madness.

Good thing was, with the help of movers and a Volkswagen Caddy Maxi, kindly loaned to us for a review, we managed to pack and move within two days. What is it really like to pack up a life you’ve known for so many years to move onto the next?

First, you feel DISBELIEF

When it dawned upon me that moving house involved packing, I finally understood what people meant when they said, “Accumulate experiences, not things.”

DID I REALLY BUY ALL THIS STUFF? What was I thinking when I decided to purchase that heart-shape cookie cutter? I have 35 black dresses? REALLY?!?


Then, you start to FOCUS

With little time to sit around and feel helpless, I decided to do what I do best: Delegate. I told the husband that he was in charge of getting a mover, getting a quotation, and fixing a date to do the Big Move.

That done, I proceeded to beg my pals from Volkswagen Singapore to let me test-drive the new Caddy Maxi at the same time; we would use the car to help us with delicate things like pillows, clothes, beauty products, dog …


But FRUSTRATION is inevitable

Because we tend to underestimate the amount of things we actually keep hidden from view. Plus, packing the stuff we wanted to keep was just Part One of the story, how about the things we didn’t want? We couldn’t just leave them in the house for the new owners to clear out! No! I won’t allow it. People would not be given any opportunity to think, “Wow. Debs is one messy person.”

Thanks to the INSANE amount of space inside the Caddy Maxi, we ended up just loading our spice and drinks trolleys into the car without even bothering to pack them.


SENTIMENTALISM starts to hit

“Keep or chuck?” The husband pointed to my stack of Cosmopolitans, MY Cosmopolitan, and asked if he should take them out to the recycling bin.

“NO! Of course not! These are PRICELESS!”

And so were many things in the house. Decluttering is so hard! No wonder hoarders get so angry when their family members try to clean up their houses.


Slowly but surely, EXHAUSTION creeps in

If I knew moving house was going to be THIS tiring, I might have just stayed put. My calves were sore from making multiple trips to the condo’s rubbish collection centre, my hands were drying out from the cleaning and wiping (we didn’t leave the house spotless but we tried to minimise the shock), and my back, my poor back! I was so tired, all I wanted to do was collapse on my bed and sleep this nightmare away.


Still, you have to KEEP CALM and carry on

Especially when my dog was clearly exhibiting anxiety about the move too. He had to be kept inside his playpen while we packed and when the movers arrived, I had to take him out for a walk so he would not bark or get nervous.

Everyone who knew Toufu wanted to say goodbye to him so at least that kept him distracted. I felt a little sad for him, though; he’s likely to not see these people ever again.


Finally, EXCITEMENT at the thought a new beginning

Despite the logistical stress, we were excited about moving to a bigger space. I had bought my first apartment as a bachelorette pad and, seven years on, it was no longer enough to fit three. We looked forward to getting a kitchen that could adequately accommodate our growing interest in cooking and baking too!

The Volkswagen Caddy Maxi was loaned to Go Away for review purposes. This post was not paid for by Volkswagen Singapore. All opinions are the author’s own. 


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