Best Restaurants In Singapore For Those Year-End Gatherings Food Notes

More than just a time for parties and D&Ds, the end-of-the-year is also the time to organise dinners and lunches with friends and family. Where can you find good food that’ll ensure everyone leaves with a satisfied smile on their face? 

Planning a gathering isn’t as easy as it looks. First, you need to find a date and time that work for everyone (or most of them). Then when everyone is done getting their act together, you will need to find a restaurant that can seat a big group comfortably; preferably it also takes reservations. Finally, the restaurant has to serve food – good food – so people won’t grumble and complain.

Below, four restaurants I ate at recently that I would highly recommend for when you are dining out as a group.

Best for rounding up the family for a feast … Diamond Kitchen Science Park Drive

Diamond Kitchen Singapore

Three words – Diamond Sauna Treasures. Available only at the Science Park Drive branch, this dish of legendary proportions is a basket chockfull of yummy seafood like lobster, prawns, mussels, snow crabs, scallops, squid, and clams! The seafood is first par-boiled and then laid out amongst heated stones. Wolfberry stock is then poured over the entire thing to create a steam that cooks the seafood while retaining their sweetness and juiciness. Priced at $188++ and $368++, we promise this is a dish that’ll impress even the fussiest of relatives. AND, from now until 31 December 2016, you will get a 15% discount off the Diamond Sauna Treasures along with other star offerings!

Diamond Kitchen Science Park Drive is located at 87 Science Park Drive, #01-01. Tel. 6464 0410.


Best for that department Christmas lunch … PizzaExpress


Who doesn’t like pizza?! UK’s popular pizza chain PizzaExpress (it’s 51 years old!) has recently arrived in Singapore and I AM LOVING IT! Pizzas are made fresh on order, the Iced Lemon Tea is free to refill, and the dough balls are super addictive! The restaurant seats 120 patrons so I’m pretty confident your department can fit in it. PizzaExpress revamped its menu recently so be sure to ask the staff for recommendations! My personal favourite, however, has to be the Calabrese – spicy and topped with rocket leaves, it’s perfect if you love robust flavours!

PizzaExpress is located at Scotts Square, B1-08/09. Tel. 6538 0083


Best for a mini reunion with old classmates … Eight Korea BBQ at Shaw Centre

Eight Korean BBQ

Korean BBQ plus housemade makgeolli equal good times! Eight Korean BBQ has opened its second outlet at Shaw Centre, making it even more convenient to get your grilled meat fix. Love variety? Then you won’t go wrong with the signature 8 Colours Set. At $98, the set consists of 8 strips of 100g Mangalitsa pork belly in marinated in 8 flavours such as red wine, miso, curry, and red pepper paste. The set comes with a choice of stew, so it’s definitely enough to feed 3 – 4 (5 – 6, if you are ordering other yummy stuff like the Steamed Egg!). Also, do try the Big Hog Plate, $45, a glorious slab of Mangalitsa pork belly weighing 350g. Thick cuts of lightly seasoned meat that’s bound to hit the spot every time. My mouth is watering as I write about this. #truestory

Eight Korean BBQ’s second outlet is located at Shaw Centre, #04-20. Tel. 9018 9212. 


Best for that long overdue “catch-up” with travel mates … Yentafo Kruengsonge

Yentafo Kruengsonge

The eatery located within Cathay Cineleisure Orchard is proving to be a huge draw for both Thais living in Singapore and Thai-food fans. Yen Ta Fo, a bowl of flat rice noodles drizzled in pink sauce and topped with a myriad of ingredients like fishballs, fried tofu, and a cube of grass jelly (to replace the pig’s blood cube you’d find in yen ta fo in Thailand) , is reminiscent of “yong tau fu” but the pink sauce is made of fermented red rice and red tofu instead of beans. Also super authentic is the Gai Pad Krapow, spicy basil minced chicken with rice. The restaurant has refused to compromise of the original spice level so be prepared for a sweat-inducing meal! Where better to plan your next Bangkok trip than here?

Yentafo Kruengsonge is located Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, #02-06A. Tel. 6736 0971.

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