Love Seafood? You’re Gonna Wanna Check Out These Places Food Notes

Ahoy, seafood lovers! You’re in for a treat. 

As much as we wish we could teleport ourselves to Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo or Seattle’s Pike Place Market on a whim, technology hasn’t quite caught up yet. Thankfully, we have Oceans of Seafood at PasarBella @ The GrandStand, which brings in fresh seafood twice a week from all over the world. Best part is, you can enjoy the fresh, succulent seafood right there. The newly-appointed Chef Kazuyoshi Kurosu has refreshed the menu with even more delectable seafood treats, so be sure to round up your seafood-loving pals for a gastronomic adventure.

Start your feast with the Oceans’ Delights Platter, which is a show-stopping display of fresh Pacific oysters, aburi maguro (lightly seared tuna), fresh white prawn, and boiled tako (octopus). Each platter comes with a selection of dipping sauces – ume dressing, goma dressing, and tabasco. The seafood is incredibly fresh; you feel like you’re tucking into a meal right by the sea, but there’s none of that overpowering briny flavour.

Next up, try the Oceans of Seafood Signature Chirashi. There are 12 new chirashi offerings on the menu, but this is clearly the main star. Comprising tuna, salmon, tako, mekajiki (swordfish), and tobiko (flying fish roe), this dish is chockfull of Omega-3 goodness! For something a little more unusual, try the Spicy Maguro Chirashi, a dish with spicy tuna in a secret sauce, or the Ebi Moriawase Chirashi, which features three types of fresh prawns.

Finally, end your meal on a comforting note with the Seiro Mushi. This dish features a smorgasbord of seafood and vegetables arranged in bamboo baskets, and can serve up to 3 people. The bamboo baskets are placed atop a boiling pot of miso-flavoured soup base, and the ingredients are then steamed over high heat, ensuring all its juices and natural flavours are retained. From there, you can add rice and egg to the miso soup, for a belly-warming bowl of zosui (a mild and thin Japanese rice soup similar to a vegetable soup with lots of rice).

Oceans of Seafood is located at PasarBella @ The Grandstand Bukit Timah Singapore,  200 Turf Club Road #02-06 (#02-K2 to #02-K11),  Tel: 6466 1005


Prefer going into full buffet mode when it comes to seafood? Then dive into the new Oceania Seafood Buffet at the rebranded Four Points by Sheraton Singapore, Riverview (formerly Riverview Hotel). The international seafood buffet spread is located at Four Points Eatery, the hotel’s all-day dining concept that also serves up a diverse selection of a la carte dishes.


Put together by executive chef Lewis Tay and his team, Oceania Seafood Buffet features a mouthwatering spread of fresh seafood items prepared in various ways. The chilled seafood section includes a Sashimi Counter – it showcases fresh slices of salmon, white tuna, tuna, and tako – as well as a cold seafood spread of snow crabs, prawns, mussels, and scallops. Oyster lovers, take note: freshly shucked oysters will only be available during dinner service and Sunday brunch!


There is also a tantalising selection of grilled seafood for your enjoyment,  alongside other ready items such as Grilled Boston Lobsters,  Crayfish Laksa, Prawn Noodles, and Seafood Char Kway Teow. During dinner service, you can also expect a ‘Live’ Herbal Prawns station, where a kitchen staff will be preparing herbal soup with prawns freshly fished from a tank next to him. If you feel squeamish about eating your food this fresh, you can always request for a bowl of herbal soup sans prawns – the herb-permeated soup is chockfull of nourishing goodness yet light enough with a lovely umami flavour.


Apart from seafood, the buffet also includes other meat dishes, including Tandoori Lamb Chops, Oxtail Osso Busso, Beer Pork Knuckle, Thai Grill Pork, and more. The dessert corner showcases a variety of sweet treats, but if you have space for only one dessert after stuffing yourself with seafood, make it the durian pengat with a scoop of coconut ice cream. The durian pengat is decadently creamy and rich with chewy pulp – the perfect sweet ending to a sea-riously fab meal!

Oceania Seafood Buffet, available for lunch and dinner daily as well as brunch on Sundays, starts from $19.40++ per child. Located at Four Points Eatery at Four Points by Sheraton Singapore, Riverview, Level 1, 382 Havelock Road, Tel: 6349 4872. 

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