When Cute and Chic Collide Buy Buy Buy

Now these are two collections we’d gladly put down money for. 

There is a small child that endures in all of us. Even as we work hard to build our careers, pay off mortgages and bills … it’s our inner child that continue to ignites our sense of wonder and curiosity about the world.

When I see grown women going gaga about Gudetama or pineapple stickers, I don’t see regression. I see people wanting to temporarily retreat into a world where reports and deadlines and responsibilities aren’t constantly looming over their heads – and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

I suspect that’s the reason why even upscale fashion brands aren’t afraid to have a little fun when designing some of their collections. For instance, Coach’s Holiday collection features prehistoric creatures such as the stegosaurus and wooly mammoths on some of their colourful pouches and wristlets. These will be available in Coach stores from November.



Something else that caught our eye was Lacoste’s “Holiday Collector” edition. Graphic artist Jean-Paul Goude had a hand in designing a limited edition polo shirt and tote for the brand. Goude was inspired by the imaginary Africa from his childhood and his love for dance when he designed these. These will only be available at Lacoste Wisma Atria from November 14.

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Adulting is hard, guys. Do yourself a favour and treat yourself to a cute little gift this end of year.

She may have been born and bred in Singapore, but Denise considers Chiang Mai her spiritual home and needs to make a yearly pilgrimage there to maintain her sanity. Competitive by nature, she enjoys combat sports and is currently obsessed with Brazilian jiu-jitsu, which she picked up just under a year ago. To no one’s surprise, the country currently at the top of her travel bucket list is Brazil.

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