6 Reasons Why You’ll Want To Book Your Next Romantic Getaway Here The Great Escape

Hotel Tugu Bali is simply made for romance. 

For people living in Singapore, when you think “short, romantic holiday”, your first choice would probably be Bali. Located only two hours away by plane, the Island of the Gods continues to hold thrall with its spectacular beaches, warm hospitality, and top-notch accommodation. But where in Bali should you go?

You’ve probably already read fellow Go Away editor’s Denise’s post about why Canggu is the place to be at in Bali. It’s true. This coastal village is quieter and more laidback than its more famous sister, Seminyak, but still offers a decent variety of restaurants and beach clubs. Tugu Hotel Bali, located in the heart of Canggu, is a luxury vintage hotel surrounded by gloriously blue skies and sun-drenched beaches, and is the ideal spot for honeymooners or couples looking to reconnect.

Here’s what you’ll get to enjoy when you book yourselves into Hotel Tugu Bali:

Spa treatments that are steeped in tradition.

The Waroeng Djamoe Spa at Hotel Tugu Bali draws inspiration from the islands of Java and Bali, with each treatment based on ancient wellbeing traditions. For example, the Kamar Mantra treatment involves your therapist chanting a mantra during the treatment while applying heated herbal oils to your body. Known as Mantra therapy, the soothing monotone of the therapist’s voice combined with the luxurious sensation of warm oils against your skin will put your mind and body in a complete state of bliss. All the better to engage with your loved one after!

Romantic meals by the beach …

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With front-row access to the Indian Ocean, why wouldn’t you want to have a meal by the beach? Whether you’re having breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, or dinner, you can opt to have your meal in one of the beachfront pavilions dotting the hotel’s lawn. In the evenings, you can book a private BBQ dinner by the beach — with no other tables around! — or an 18th century antique bed on a private beach, illuminated only by oil lanterns and the dusky Canggu sky. As you tuck into your meal, accompanied by a salty sea breeze and the gentle lull of waves crashing against the beach, it’s hard not to fall in love with each other all over again.

… or in a 300-year-old temple.

Housed in an original 300-year-old Chinese temple, JI is a unique restaurant containing precious artefacts (such as a delicate 18th century Goddess of Mercy), intricate carvings of mythological animals, and heritage pieces from the extravagant lives of Balinese aristocracy from past centuries. At JI, the food is decidedly Asian, with a focus on Japanese cuisine – it’s said that the finest sushi in Bali can be found here. If you and your beloved prefer a drink or two, the bar offers an impressive collection of sakes, wines, and Asian-inspired cocktails.

Marvel at artwork together,  

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After all, Hotel Tugu Bali is part-hotel, part-museum. The owner, Anhar, has a great passion for antiques and Indonesian history, art, and culture. He started his first hotel, Hotel Tugu Malang, simply because he wanted a space to display his most treasured antiques. From there, he continued building several hotels across Indonesia as a way of showcasing the artwork he amassed during his various travels across the country and abroad. For a closer look at some of these cultural treasures in Hotel Tugu Bali, speak to your concierge about getting a guided tour around the property.

Participate in the myriad of activities available …

If artwork is not your thing,  sign up for one of the several classes available at Hotel Tugu Bali. In line with their focus on Indonesian heritage, the hotel offers classes in Balinese cuisine, traditional dance and gamelan (an instrumental ensemble native to Java and Bali), and even how to create Balinese offerings flower & janur (palm leaf) arrangements. For something a little more high-octane, sign up for the horseback tour where you can visit neighbouring villages on four legs.

Or simply bask in each other’s company. 

The suites at Hotel Tugu Bali wrap around the perimeter of the main building, and are located within steps from the beach. All the ground floor suites come outfitted with a private plunge pool and an open air bathroom, whereas the second floor suites come with breathtaking ocean views and a private spa area. If you want to splash out on the romance though, book yourselves into the decadent Puri Le Mayeur villa, which is dedicated to the passionate love story between Belgian painter Adrien-Jean Le Mayeur de Merprès and his muse/wife, the beautiful Legong dancer Ni Polok. Some of the items you’ll see in the room are original art pieces from Le Mayeur, with the rest handcrafted by a blind carver who used to be employed by the couple.

In this suite, you’ll find a large, red living room, a tastefully decorated bedroom, a semi-outdoor bath, a long balcony, a plunge pool, and a sundeck for two. Through a bridge, Puri Le Mayeur is connected to an intimate dining hut that rests upon a lotus pond, accompanied only by the warm glow of torches and candles.

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