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Travelling is all fun and games until someone returns with crazy skin and misbehaving hair.  

In Singapore, we love heading off to cooler temperate destinations for our vacations. That may or may not bode well for our skin and hair. Some people say their hair becomes less frizzy, some people say their skin gets drier … but generally, most of us agree that upon returning home, we are in need of some beauty SOS. Here are 5 products that would return some semblance of sanity to your travel-weary looks.

You come home with your skin all confused 
It doesn’t know if it’s dry or oily. Your usual moisturiser just sits on your skin and refuses to be absorbed. The skin along your jawline is dry and flaking but on your forehead, things are oily.


Try … Aesop Parsley Seed Anti-oxidant Facial Hydrating Cream 
When you dip your finger into the jar, you may find yourself going, “So thick?” But trust us, your skin will love this comforting non-greasy cream. Containing a potent blend of botanicals to fortify the skin, this cream works to protect skin against damage resulting from environmental and lifestyle factors. It balances, soothes, and repairs skin that didn’t quite catch on that the climate and weather have changed. This cream hits Aesop stores islandwide in October.

Locate your nearest Aesop store/counter at


You come home to find your skin more prone to breakouts
One minute cold, the next, hot. It’s no wonder our skin gets frustrated. Who knew you’d be returning home with souvenirs and skin suffering from excessive sebum and relentless zits?


Try … Skin Inc Vitamin B3+ Custom Serum Dose 
Clinically proven to reboot and rescue imbalanced and sensitive skin, Vitamin B3, also known as niacinamide, can help reduce pore size, control sebum production and prevent hyperpigmentation. This serum can be used on its own or mixed with two other Skin Inc Encapsulated Serums to address other skin concerns such as a lack of radiance or skin sensitivity.

Check out Skin Inc’s Facial In A Flash Skin Bar at #03-14 Scotts Square. You can also buy online at


You come home with a straw hat … no, that’s your hair!
It’s dry, frazzled, and downright unmanageable. It could be all that sun and saltwater, it could your foolish insistence on using hotel shampoo and conditioner. Your hair is in dire straits and you need to fix it fast.


Try … Percy & Reed Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Overnight Recovery
Formulated with a natural protein that penetrates the hair and boosts its ability to retain moisture, and conditioning agents to battle humidity and combat frizz. Simply apply this cream into dry hair and leave it on overnight. It will not stain your pillowcase (yes, we put it to the test!) and, guess what, after you shampoo it out, you are left with soft, shiny tresses that smell divine!

Percy & Reed Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Overnight Recovery will be available at Sephora stores islandwide from October. 


You come home and the weather’s giving you dandruff and an itchy scalp
That oily, itchy sensation of sweat and grime irritating your scalp … the white flakes from dandruff … You’ve gotta admit: sometimes, you just want to run an ice cube through your scalp to cool it down!


Try … Orbis Scalp Ism Ice Poppin Refresher
This is how amazing (pardon the Singlish. We couldn’t contain our excitement). Hold it 5cm away from your scalp, spray, and gently pat over the area. You’ll experience a “popping” sensation that cools and soothes your scalp. Formulated with Marshmallow Scalp Complex, this product also ease roughness and prevent dandruff. It also promotes healthy hair growth.

Located your nearest Orbis store/counter by visiting


You come home looking like tired and haggard 
When you’re on vacation, bedtime is a waste of time. Why sleep when you can check out bustling night markets, so-hip-it-hurts cocktail bars, or 24-hour bookstores? But it’s when you get home, you then realise you don’t look so fantastic at all.


Try … Laneige Time Freeze Firming Sleeping Mask
Already well-loved for its Water Sleeping Mask, Laneige now has one for those who want to wake up with more defined facial contours. Contains Dynamic Collagen EX to regenerate and repair damaged collagen, and Sleep Tight technology that combines two variants of polymers to improve skin’s elasticity and firmness by holding it up like a corset!

Locate your nearest Laneige boutique/counter here

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