5 Healthy Twists For Your Favourite Desserts Food Notes

Trying to cut down on sugar? Good on you! 

“Treat your body like a temple.” That is the common adage practised by health enthusiasts all over the world. Getting lean is my goal, so my diet and exercise routine is important. I love eating healthy – soft drinks, fast food, and deep fried food have been cut out of my system ages ago. For me, it was easy to cut those out – all it took was find a tastier substitute. For example, soft drinks for tea (gosh, I love Earl Grey) and chicken nuggets for homemade patties made with herbs and spices. However,  one thing still remains my kryptonite: dessert..

Cheesecake, sacher torte, apple strudel, and of course .. .ICE CREAM. The danger is real with the last one. If you have a major sweet tooth like mine, then you will be glad to know that help is on the way! So steady your heart as we learn more about healthy alterations to trim down your favourite dessert!

1. Coconut oil/paste

Coconut oil is a healthy fat, which can be used in place of butter. It will change the taste and texture of the cake so it will be best to go half-half. Planning on frying pancakes? Go with coconut oil!

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2. Almond Meal

This is simply grinding up almond to a flour-like texture. However, it’s even better because it contains heaps of protein. As it is not starchy, you should add another ingredient like avocado or peanut butter to create a starchier texture (so that it adheres better to the other ingredients).

3. Dark Chocolate, 75% and Above

It is the simplest of changes that becomes the most effective. Whether it is a ganache or part of chocolate chip cookies, dark chocolate adds another flavour dimension with its bitter undertones. Depending on the brand you choose, you could get a fruity or roasted taste as well.

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