Fake It ‘Til You Make It … To Your Travel Destination For Free Anything Goes

Want to win a pair of Jetstar tickets to your dream destination? Put on your creative hat and take a #TravelFakie.

Think you’ve seen all the selfie trends? The latest one could be the most ridiculous and hilarious yet. Called the #TravelFakie, it’s a selfie taken to trick your followers into thinking you’re on an overseas holiday having the time of your life when, really, you are in your home country and have some time to spare. The trend originated in Indonesia and appears to be spreading across Southeast Asia, with brilliantly creative individuals sharing rather believable “holiday” snaps, such as these unfortunate travellers running away from Godzilla in Japan.

Instagram user: @sijeneve

Instagram user: @sijeneve

Now, you have more reason to hop on the latest selfie trend – Jetstar is giving away a pair of Jetstar flight tickets to the most creative #TravelFakie entries! All you have to do is post your #TravelFakie, tag Jetstar on Instagram (@jetstarasia), Facebook (@JetstarAsiaAirways) or Twitter (@Jetstar_Asia), explain where and what you are faking, and include the hashtags #TravelFakie and #ActuallyIn[insert home country]. For more information, click here.

The contest, which ends on 30 September 2016, is open to travel buffs across Southeast Asia. The top two most creative entries from each country will win a pair of tickets each to their dream destination. Good luck!

With wanderlust flowing in her veins, Lili has always had grand dreams of travelling the world, escaping to exotic locales and experiencing different cultures. Whenever Life gets too much for her, she reaches straight for her earphones to tune out the world. More than just a temporary distraction, music has a profound way of taking her to places that stir the soul.

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