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Plus 1 more for gorgeous hair. 

Perhaps you’ve got a deadline to meet? Or, relationship problems are keeping you up? Whatever it is, you just look tired no matter what you do. Fret not, here are six treatments to give you that instant glow.

Deborah tried … EstheClinic’s “Instant Youth in 3 Days” 


When the invitation to review EstheClinic’s ‘3 Days to Instant Youth’ programme came, I responded with way more enthusiasm than was appropriate for a media person. I mean, who can resist the promise of a younger looking face?

The programme comprises of 3 treatment sessions, done once a day for 3 consecutive days. The first and third sessions will see you undergoing a 5-step treatment which involves the use of Thermo-controlled Radiofrequency treatment before the micro-needling and a painless, non-invasive LED Photomodulation treatment (see picture above).

If you’re unaccustomed to treatments that employ the use of radiofrequency waves, micro-needling, and LED, you might find yourself in for a bit of a surprise. As you can see, the LED machine is placed rather near (3cm to be exact) to your face. The bright lights may shock you but, don’t worry, your eyes are well protected with tinted goggles.

After 3 days, my travel-weary complexion was once again glowing with healthy and there was a rosy flush on my cheeks. The micro-needling may stimulate your skin a little so do except a couple of zits making an appearance a few days after the treatment. With proper skincare, however, the zits will go away and what’s left will be denser-looking skin that looks plumped with moisture (‘After’ picture on the right).

EstheClinic is located at 72 Tras Street and 44 Rochester Park. For more details, visit


Vanessa tried … PHS HairScience Purifying Plus Therapy 

Living in humid Singapore, it’s a must to wash my hair every day. However, daily rinses are not enough to keep my hair and scalp in tip-top condition. That’s where dedicated hair and scalp treatments come in. PHS HairScience treatments were developed on the premise that caring for our scalp is just as important as caring for our skin. Their programs are developed by trichologists and are a blend of Western technology, Korean herbs, and Chinese acupressure techniques. Whether you’re looking to repair your damaged hair and scalp or simply to maintain your mane, they have a unique treatment for you.


Recently, I tried the Purifying Plus Therapy, which is a luxurious two-hour deep cleansing session for the scalp. Before the treatment, the PHS HairScience consultant did a scalp scan for me, which revealed a build-up of accumulated oil, dirt, and dead skin cells on my scalp. It was kind of gross peering at the debris on my scalp, but I took heart knowing my scalp was about the undergo a thorough pampering.

The treatment started with a light scalp massage using a botanical exfoliant, which helps the shedding of dead skin cells and other debris. From there, the therapist applied a nourishing hair mask to help moisturise my hair, before applying oxygen therapy on my scalp to boost micro-circulation. That’s not all – after a purifying hair wash, the session continued with an invigorating shoulder and hand acupressure massage. The scalp is also massaged using a serum specially formulated to protect hair follicles and balance the scalp’s pH levels. As a cherry on the cake, the treatment concludes with a professional blow-dry and styling.

I enjoyed the spa-like atmosphere of the PHS HairScience outlet at Ngee Ann City, and appreciated the wide selection of movies they had to keep me occupied during the treatment. Of course, if you prefer to take a nap, the darkened room is also conducive for catching a snooze. After two hours in the spa, I felt well-rested and rejuvenated, and my hair and scalp certainly felt much cleaner. It wasn’t just a feeling too – after the treatment,  the consultant did a second scalp scan and there was a significant decrease in build-up.

PHS HairScience is located at Ngee Ann City #05-25A/B, Plaza Singapura #04-34/35, and Wheelock Place #04-12. For more details, visit


Lili tried … TaraBliss Spa’s Methode Jeanne Piaubert SlimFace Lymphatic Drainage Face Treatment

I gotta admit, when I first heard about TaraBliss Spa’s new 90-minute facial treatment that employs a unique soft-touch massage technique to drain the lymph nodes on your face, I was mildly hesitant. One of the things I enjoy most during a facial treatment is when the therapist gives me a deep tissue face massage, which would always lull me into a peaceful slumber. Soft touch? Maybe not.


But, boy, am I glad to be proven wrong! This patented technique hails from the Paris-based Methode Jeanne Piaubert Institute, which was launched in 1928 and was one of the pioneers in lymphatic drainage massage techniques. It involves a detailed pressure point massage to detoxify the skin from within and improve microcirculation, leaving you with more streamlined facial contours. I was rather awake before the massage, but just a minute or two into it – during which I remember making a mental note of how the touch was so light, it felt more like a gentle caress – I unwittingly dozed off and only awoke when my therapist started explaining to me about the mask she was about to apply!

The massage takes up about 15 minutes, right after cleansing and exfoliating, and before the last steps of applying mask and moisturiser.

Admittedly, my facial contours didn’t immediately appear more streamlined, but my skin looked visibly brighter and felt markedly smoother. Apart from the interesting massage technique, another highlight is the use of Methode Jeanne Piaubert skincare products, which were developed from over 80 years of skincare research. The full range is available for purchase at TaraBliss Spa, and includes toner, serum, day moisturiser and mask.

TaraBliss Spa is located at #05/06-00 Chan Brothers Building, 452 North Bridge Road. For more details, call 6336 9274 or visit

Lili also tried … Four Seasons Spa & L’occitane Premium Immortelle Divine Secret

So, the night before my facial appointment, I had a few glasses of wine (and maybe beer). Needless to say, I showed up at Four Seasons Hotel the next day looking more than a little worse for wear, with telltale signs of a hangover written all over my face – puffy eyes, dark circles, and horribly sallow skin. Why I let myself get carried away, I have no idea. But I do know now that the next time I have a hangover and need to look wonderfully well-rested in under two hours, I’d make an appointment for this facial.


Four Seasons Hotel Singapore’s award-winning Spa is now rebranded as Four Seasons Spa & L’occitane, as part of an exclusive partnership between the spa and L’occitane. Also marking the beauty brand’s first spa in Singapore, all treatments will involve the use of L’occitane’s wide range of products, which will also be available for purchase on the spot.

The treatment I tried is known as Premium Immortelle Divine Secret. Using L’occitane’s anti-ageing Immortelle products, this facial treatment is designed to combat signs of ageing such as loss of skin elasticity, wrinkles and fine lines at the face, neck and decollete. The 90-minute treatment includes a foot bath at the start, as well as a deeply soothing facial massage. Here, you can be assured of experiencing all-out relaxation, thanks to the spa’s team of highly skilled therapists. I know I did.

What impressed me the most was how I looked and felt after the treatment. My skin was smooth to the touch and absolutely glowing, as if I just had just woken up from 8 hours of sleep and about to go on a beach holiday!

From now till November 30, 2016, enjoy their One Day Wellness Package at a special rate. The package includes a facial treatment, four-course lunch at Jiang-Nan Chun or semi-buffet at One-Ninety, as well as the use of sauna and steam room, pool, and outdoor jacuzzi. 

Four Seasons Hotel Singapore is located at 190 Orchard Boulevard. For more details, visit


Denise tried … Spa Esprit Star White Star Bright Facial


My days of getting away with skipping sunscreen are officially over. Since about six months ago, my usually spotless skin has fallen to prey to pigmentation, with an especially prominent one on my left cheek.

The highlights of this facial are a scrub that contains Perfection Peptide p3 and 1.8 percent glycolic acid, and an enzyme peel with papaya and pineapple extracts. These are supposed to help remove stubborn dad skin cells and impurities to improve skin generation.

This is followed by a thermal spray to hydrate the skin, before an application of concentrate made up of 20 percent pure vitamin C derivative to boost collagen protection and reduce oxidative damage. The vitamin C derivative also works to minimise hyperpigmentation and stimulate cell activity for a more luminous complexion.

Next comes my favourite part of the facial: A facial massage using a cream with 15 percent Biogen plant extract to promote intensive skin regeneration and promote firmness and smoothness. The massage was simply heavenly, and I soon found myself drifting off to slumberland under the therapist’s skilled fingers. I always forget how much tension we hold in our facial muscles until experiencing a facial massage.

Next, a hydrating mask is applied, before another application of thermal spray, facial cream, and sunscreen.

I was very impressed by how rigorous this facial was, and the results spoke for themselves. My skin looked clear, luminous and well-rested, post-facial, and the glow lasted for days. For those who love relaxing facials (no extractions!), I can’t recommend this enough. Best of all, I was pleased to note that the the most prominent sun spot on my cheek looked like it had slightly diminished in size.

Spa Esprit is located at #05-10 Paragon Shopping Centre (6836 0500), and 8D Dempsey Road, Level 2 (6479 0070)


Denise also tried … Dr Belter Cosmetic Shake It! Mask Treatment


This 75-minute treatment essentially consists of the application of two types of masks, along with the usual other facial steps such as cleansing, peeling, and application of a serum.

The first one used is the Mask Peel Off Carbon D-tox, an alginate mask with active carbon and detox complex properties to absorb impurities and toxins from the skin’s surface. Those with sensitive skin will be happy to know this is suitable for their skin type too.

This is followed up with the application of an ampoule, before the next mask, either the Cream-Mousse or Cream-Mousse. While the latter is more suitable for mature, dehydrated skin, oth contain apple stem cells to revitalise the complexion. You can actually smell the scent of apples as the mask is applied onto the skin, which I found to be extremely soothing. The mask was massaged onto my skin with a wonderful facial massage.

The massage bit of the facial doesn’t stop there. After the mask is washed off, the therapist followed up with a shoulder and chest massage that was a boon for my sore muscles.

There was also light extraction done on my nose early on doing the treatment, but nothing too invasive.

Post-facial, my skin looked significantly rejuvenated. On the same night, however, I was dismayed to find that a couple of zits on appeared to my cheeks, which made me wonder if my skin was reacting badly to something that was used during the facial. The pimples, however, completely disappeared overnight, so I’m chalking it down to the fact that it was the result of the first carbon mask working its magic of drawing out impurities from my skin.

The Dr Belter Cosmetic Shake It! Mask Treatment is available at several outlets around Singapore, including Annabelle Skin, #02-42 The Adelphi (6336 8975); CNS Hair & Beauty Salon, Blk 128 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, #01-1861 (6452 5667); Special Beauty Care House, #01-34 Bukit Timah Shopping Centre (9368 6359).

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