10 Restaurants You Must Visit In Vienna According To Chef Stephan Zoisl The Great Escape

Vienna is not just a place to appreciate beautiful music and historic architecture.  

The capital and largest city of Austria was home to many famous residents, including Mozart, Beethoven, and Sigmund Freud. Chef Stephan Zoisl, who helms Chef’s Table,  also hails from Austria. He let us in on his favourite restaurants in the country’s capital.

1. Steirereck

This 2-Michelin starred restaurant is the number one restaurant in Austria, and is located in the picturesque Stadt Park. They were listed No.9 on the San Pellegrino list this year. The owner and chef Heinz Reitbauer was also recently awarded “Chef of The Century” award in Austria. Steirereck, which showcases a seasonal menu, is the driving force of Austria’s gastronomy scene, especially in the sector of fine dining and innovation.”

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2. Meierei

This restaurant is located just below Steirereck – both concepts belong to owner and chef Heinz Reitbauer. Here, you can indulge in traditional Austrian dishes such as Wiener Schnitzel, Gulasch, or Beuscherl. They are also famous for their milk and cheese.

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3. Tian

Tian is a vegetarian restaurant, which has been awarded with one Michelin star. Go for either the set-lunch or their 6-course dinner option and let the chefs surprise you with their inventive array of dishes.

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4. Schweizer Haus

Located at the Prater, a large public park, this restaurant is the best place in the city for pork knuckles and ice-cold beer. When you’re there, order several side dishes like the salads – cucumber, potato, cabbage, or krautsalat. Another popular must-have is the lye bread pretzel. To avoid disappointment, be sure to make a reservation before visiting.

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5. Do&Co Stephansplatz (Haas Haus Hotel)

This is the most central place in Vienna. The restaurant is just opposite the Stephan’s Dom Cathedral and has a stunning view over the Kärnter Strasse, Vienna’s main shopping district. If the weather permits, choose to sit outside instead. The cuisine is very international – from classic Austrian dishes to French, Thai, and Japanese. My all-time favourite at this restaurant is the Butter Schnitzel – a veal patty served with creamy mash potatoes, gravy, and fried onions.

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6. Plachutta

This is a very famous restaurant in Vienna. It is close to Tierpark Schönbrunn (Vienna’s Zoo). At Plachutta, you get very classic dishes. The signature dish here is the Tafelspitz – a boiled beef dish served with lots of broth, roasted potatoes, crème spinach, and horseradish.

7. Naschmarkt

Naschmarkt is Vienna’s largest food market and is a must-visit for their wide array of fresh produce. Most importantly, visit this store called “Gegenbauer” – they have an amazing selection of vinegar.

8. Bitzinger Sausage Stand

Sausages and bread is fast food the Austrian way, and is available almost all night. My favourite spot is the Bitzinger Sausage Stand, located just around the corner from the Viennese Opera. Try the Bosna. It is similar to a hotdog, but comes with a crisp bread (similar to a baguette), grilled sausage, onions, cornichons, mustard, and curry powder. So good!

9. Berliner Kebab

For fast food the Turkish way, try Döner Kebabs. Because Austria has a large Turkish community, Turkish food is widely available across the city. In my opinion, the best Döner Kebab in Vienna can be found at Berliner Döner.

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10. Heuriger

There are several Heuriger – if you want one close to town, there is the oldest one in central Vienna called Esterhazykeller (it’s been around since 1683). You can find Heuriger throughout Vienna and in nearby villages. For me, I like this place called “Heuriger Hans Maly” in Grinzing. Gather a few friends together in the garden, open a bottle of wine and pick from the wide selection of food. Do note that they are only open from late afternoon onwards.

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Chef’s Table by Chef Stephan is located at 61 Tras Street, Tel: 6224 4188. The restaurant offers three menus, 4 course at $98+ per person; 6 course at $128+ per person; 8 course at $150+ per person. Chef’s Table also welcomes private bookings. Guests can book the venue to conduct cooking classes, business lunches or dinners, and events.

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