Travelling As A Couple: Expectations Vs. Reality Anything Goes

Pretty sure many couples can relate to this.

Ever since we entered a relationship nearly 13 years ago, my boyfriend and I make it a point to travel together at least once a year. From climbing a volcano in Bali to getting embarrassingly lost in Manchester, we have had many amazing travel experiences as a couple – and it’s never enough. And during the times that I travel without him, I’d always wish he were there to see what I was seeing, to taste what I was eating, to bask in this incredible shared experience … you get the schmaltzy picture.

But this isn’t to say the thought of stabbing him with a fork doesn’t cross my mind at least five times throughout each of our overseas trips.

Here, I present to you a list of reality checks I’m sure many couples who’ve travelled together before can identify with:

Expectation: You and your partner spend some time researching and planning your upcoming holiday, while excitedly sharing ideas and information with each other along the way.


Reality: One of you does the researching and planning.



Expectation: Getting the perfect couple shot is as effortless as the love flowing through you and your sweetheart. One take is all you need.

Reality: “Retake! Retake! Retake!”



Expectation: Having tracked down one of your travel destination’s hard-to-find top recommended restaurants, you can hardly wait to savour your very first bite of the chef’s glorious creation.


Reality: Bites. Well, at least something gets to.



Expectation: You and your lover wake up bright and early, obviously eager to explore the beautiful country.


Reality: Not very beautiful.



Expectation: Should you encounter a problem, you overcome it together through the power of love.


Reality: You overcome it through sheer lack of choice. Okay, and maybe a bit of love.



Expectation: You’ll learn new things about each other that will take your relationship to soaring new heights.


Reality: “Who the hell is this person and why are we travelling together?!”



Expectation: You’ll check off every single thing on your to-do list because even if he didn’t share your interest in, say, cliff diving, he would do it for you.

giphy (2)

Reality: Harsh. Too harsh.



Having said all that, I’m infinitely grateful for the opportunity to travel, and I cannot think of anyone better to share this opportunity with. In fact, I’m already looking forward to doing all that researching and planning for our next holiday – with my arsenal of restocked forks and all.

With wanderlust flowing in her veins, Lili has always had grand dreams of travelling the world, escaping to exotic locales and experiencing different cultures. Whenever Life gets too much for her, she reaches straight for her earphones to tune out the world. More than just a temporary distraction, music has a profound way of taking her to places that stir the soul.

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