Which Milk Tea Should You Really Drink? (You Won’t Believe What No. 4 Contains) Food Notes

Think there’s no milk tea worth drinking now that Chun Cui He’s milk tea has been recalled by the AVA? We taste-test 4 milk teas that are available at 7-Eleven so you can find a worthy replacement soon. 

With bottled milk tea being such a popular choice of beverage, it’s a real wonder why 7-Eleven hasn’t come up with a Slurpee in Thai milk tea flavour or a matcha latte flavour. Maybe the “dairy” component makes cleaning the machine troublesome and increases the risk of food contamination. Still, what would I give to enjoy a milk-tea slushie on a super hot day?

But, back to business. Since news of Chun Cui He’s milk tea recall has been taken so badly by so many, we thought, “Are there really no other milk teas out there worth drinking?” So here we are, chugging these sugar-laden liquids in the name of the greater good.

1. Pokka Premium Milk Tea Original 


Ingredients: Water, freshly brewed black tea, milk, sucrose, emulsifier (E-473), flavouring, Vitamin C

Verdict: Has the strongest “tea flavour” of the four in this taste-test. There’s that slight bitter aftertaste some tea-drinkers like in their cuppa. It’s also very “pang” (Hokkien for fragrant), giving the impression that the tea used here has been properly roasted. It’s too sweet for my liking though if you have it with food, it should balance out.

Rating: 7/10


2. MineShine Milk Tea Drink 


Ingredients: Water, sugar, whole milk powder, condensed milk (milk powder, sugar, water), extract from black tea leaves, artificial flavour, glycerin fatty acid ester, diacetyl tartaric acid esters of mono- and diglycerides, sodium bicarbonate, barley extract

Verdict: There is a tinge of brown rice tea flavour in this one. It is also a little on the thin side when it comes to milkiness (considering the amount of milk ingredients, it’s a lil’ ironic). It tastes most like those milk tea you get from bubble tea shops. However, looking at the list of ingredients, I couldn’t help but wonder, “Can’t milk tea just contain tea, milk, and sugar?”

Rating: 5/10


3. Original Milk Tea 


Ingredients: Water, sugar, milk powder, maltodextrin, black tea powder, emulsifier, black tea spices, milk spices, salt

Verdict: This milk tea, incidentally, is also brought in by Abana Singapore, the folks behind Chun Cui He here. The glass bottle is very cute so you can definitely retain it for some home DIY project later. What “black tea spices” and “milk spices” mean, I leave it to your interpretation. Taste-wise, it is more milk than tea. It was like drinking tea-flavoured milk. It’s also waaaay too sweet for my liking. Best for those who like milk more than they like tea.

Rating: 3/10


4. Unif Milk Tea Premium Assam Milk Tea 


Ingredients: Water, sugar, non-dairy creamer, glucose syrup, hydrogenated palm kernel oil, sodium caseinate, milk powder, stabilizer E340(i), emulsifier E471, anticaking agent E551, acidity regulator E331, stabilizer E452(i), emulsifer {E471, E472(e)}, acidity regulator E500(i), stabilizer E452(i), acidity regulator E331, antioxidant E330

Verdict: If, as its label claims, this contains “fine black tea from Himalayan foothills”, why does it have an ingredient list that reads like a science fiction novel?!? I’m perturbed that this one bottle has 3 types of stabilisers (it’s unstabilising to know that!) and 3 types of acidity regulator (why?!?). Taste-wise, the tea tastes quite similar to Pokka’s. It’s milky, it’s fragrant, and it’s not too sweet. But I’m extremely put off by the ingredients; either this brand is very honest or it really should just start bottling real tea?

Verdict: 1/10

Note: I wasn’t paid by anyone to sample and critique any of these teas. 

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