5 Reasons Why I’ve Dined At Tang Restaurant 3 Times In One Month Food Notes

Tang (唐), located at Keong Saik Road, is a steamboat restaurant in a league of its own.

The first time I tried the food at Tang (唐) was at a media tasting session. From the first sip of their soup, I was hooked. In the same month, I’ve been back twice – once with friends, and another time with my family. It’s strange because I’ve never been a huge fan of steamboat, mostly because I dislike cooking my own food. However, Tang (唐) is one restaurant I’ll return to again and again. Why?

1. Addictive soup bases.

There are three soup bases offered here, all of which are made with a proprietary blend of spices and are — get this — completely MSG-free. My favourite soup base is the Authentic Sichuan Spices, which is created using over 40 different spices and herbs. To perfect the recipe, Head Chef Zoubing spent more than five years studying the spicy Sichuan soup recipe and consulted with traditional Chinese doctors to get the perfect proportion for all the herbs and spices. The result is a flavourful soup that leaves you with the signature tingling sensation of Sichuan Hot Pot without being overly fiery.

Close Up Shot (1)

Authentic Sichuan Spices & House Special soup base

To balance off the heat from the Authentic Sichuan Spices soup base, I usually order the House Special as well. It is a rich broth that is prepared fresh every morning – a mix of old hens, pork, and fish bones along with a variety of medicinal herbs is boiled for over eight hours. This soup is stomach- and soul-warming, and is especially comforting on a cold, rainy day.

2. Fresh, premium ingredients.

When you dine at Tang (唐), you can be guaranteed only the freshest ingredients. Chef Zoubing personally visits the wet market at Chinatown Complex each day to shop for ingredients. Also, because Tang (唐) prides itself as a high-end steamboat restaurant, you’ll get premium ingredients here like Spanish Iberico Pork, Australian lobster, and A4 Japanese Umami Wagyu Beef, which you probably can’t find elsewhere. And yes, it does make a huge difference.

3. Unique signature dishes.

Apart from ensuring you enjoy fresh, premium ingredients, the team at Tang (唐) have also come up with a slew of signature dishes that are absolute must-tries.

Shrimp Paste Dome

Shrimp Paste Dome

Some of my favourites include the Shrimp Paste Dome, which is created by hand-grinding fresh shrimp, and the Sliced Fish Noodles, which is fish meat shaped like rice noodles. You can also order cooked food from the menu, such as Ma Po Tofu, Dumplings in Sichuan Sauce, and Spicy Sichuan Chicken. The latter is like a combination of smashed chicken (ayam penyet) and popcorn chicken with a generous serving of Sichuan spices (Warning: it’s really spicy!).

Spicy Sichuan Chicken

Spicy Sichuan Chicken

4. Warm, attentive service.

Like I said, I dislike cooking my own food so I like that the service staff here often pitch in to help customers with the cooking. Also, because of the small seating capacity (38 seats), you get a warm, cosy atmosphere where you don’t have to fight to get the servers’ attention.

5. They’re open till late!

After an evening of knocking back drinks during Happy Hour, what can be more comforting than a steaming bowl of soup? Tang (唐) opens till 11.30pm (last order 10pm) from Sundays to Thursdays, and till midnight on Fridays and Saturdays (last order 11pm).

Tang (唐) is located at 25 Keong Saik Road, Tel: 6222 7708 or 8727 5881

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