How I Quit My Job And Found My Passion: Jason Lee People of Interest

Founder of homegrown fragrance brand SIX Jason Lee shares with us his journey to living his dream life.

“I was approaching my 30th birthday when it suddenly hit me I had no idea where I was going in life, ” says Jason Lee, 32, founder of newly-launched fine fragrance brand SIX. At that time,  Lee was working as key account manager at fragrance giant Givaudan, a company he had been working in since he graduated.

During a recent interview with Go Away, Lee shares how his friends were starting to talk about finding their passion in life and it scared him that he didn’t even know what his passion was. “It was scary to realise I did not really understand myself, ” he says, “I even tried googling things like ‘understanding your passion’ but still couldn’t arrive at an answer.”

It was only during a trip to Bali where Lee spent time reflecting on what he really wanted in life that he realised he no longer wanted to to work for a big organisation. He says, “At that time, I was already 30 years old. Did I really want to continue working 14-15 hour days for the next 20 years? The answer was simple. I knew I wanted to do something more meaningful and that offered a deeper sense of satisfaction.”

Although he was clear on what he didn’t want, Lee still wasn’t sure what he truly wanted. He had been toying with the idea of launching his own fragrances, but wasn’t sure if he was truly ready until his wedding in July 2015. As part of his wedding favours, Lee customised a pair of fragrances for his guests, which proved to be a huge hit. “Many of my guests were approaching me to find out where I got the fragrances from. One of my aunts even mistakenly went to a Sisley counter to buy a full-size bottle, ” Lee says, with a laugh, “I even had a stranger approaching me on Facebook asking if he could buy it from me. Apparently, he had received the fragrance as a gift from one of my guests, and he liked it so much.”

That wave of positive affirmation was just what Lee needed to dive headfirst into creating his fragrance label. He contacted his previous employer, Givaudan, and worked with them to create three signature scents. All of SIX fragrances are inspired by Lee’s favourite travel destinations, and are deliberately created to be gender-neutral. This means the scents work well on both men and women!

123 Tribeca

123 Tribeca (mood)

This sexy scent pays homage to the swish residential neighbourhood in New York City. With this scent, you get a fresh, spicy blend of notes like cardamom, lemon, rosemary, lily-of-the-valley, and Brazilian rosewood.

1724 Puka: 

1724 Puka (mood)

Puka is a beautiful beach on Boracay Island; just one whiff of this zesty, uplifting scent evokes images of idyllic moments spent by the sea. This fragrance is made with notes of rhubarb, mint, jasmine, and green tea.

27 ̊F Biei: 

27˚F Biei (mood)

Named after the picturesque town in Hokkaido renowned for its lavender hills, this is a subtle but sensual scent. With this fragrance, you get a blend of notes like coriander, orange blossom, lavender, bulgarian rose, and sandalwood.

Today, Lee is ironically working harder than ever but he couldn’t be happier. “Ever since I decided to start my own business, I never have to drag myself out of bed anymore, ” he says, “It’s so fulfilling to be able to create products and experiences that make people happy. Fragrance is just the first step. I hope to one day expand the business to offer more lifestyle products that brings joy to others.”

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  1. 27 ̊F Biei, cos I love lavender and sandalwood!

  2. I am most interested in 123 Tribeca. The scents are some of my favorite. Cardamom and Rosemary are very relaxing.

  3. 27 ̊F Biei sounds amazing! I have always loved scents that were more subtle, and the combination (and description) makes the scent sound like something i’d love to try!

  4. MERVYN CHAI Says: August 6, 2016 at 2:20 pm

    27°F BIEI seems intriguing. The description of the ‘new calm’ and ‘journey’ is somewhat poetic yet architectural. Makes me really want to experience this transitory scent and how it curates and takes people on a journey of their own, and like what you created; together with their own prayers.

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