5 Awesome On-Demand Services That’ll Make Your Life So Much Easier Anything Goes

Groceries and meals are not the only things you can take care of with just a few clicks of a button. 

I’m not sure about you, but my life now basically revolves around on-demand services. On any given day, I’m bound to use Ubereats, Deliveroo, Uber, or Grab at least once. What I love about such apps is not just that they are incredibly convenient – they also give me a sense of certainty (that I’m going to get a ride, that I won’t need to starve at lunch).

These days, you can get almost any service on demand. Whether you need someone to service your air-con or help you clean your home, here are some websites and apps that promise to remove some of the hassle from your life, so you have more time for the fun stuff.


1. When you need someone to fix your air-con or plumbing issues, try

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Founded a year ago, Fix8 is a personal concierge service that will hook you up with a wide variety of service providers, from air-con serving, to plumbing, carpentry, and even massage therapists and personal trainers! With over 500 professional home service providers in their database, Fix8 promises convenience, reliability and transparent pricing, and even offer a 3-month warranty and 100 percent money-back guarantee. Securing a service provider is simple. Head over to to live chat with with their concierge, or fill out a form which lets them know what services you require. You’ll either get an immediate quote, or the Fix8 team will blast out new job enquiries to their database. Based on the bids, the concierge will then appoint the job to the partner who’s the best fit for you. Next, all you have to do is wait for the job to be done at the designated date and time. Payment will only be released to the service provider upon satisfactory completion of the job. If it proves less than satisfactory, the money will be returned to you.


2. When you’re just not in the mood to clean your house, try Helpling

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What with long hours at work and trying to fit in fitness and time with family and friends, cleaning your house is probably the last thing you feel like doing on weekends. Enter Helpling where, for just $20 an hour for recurring bookings, you can hire someone to do the work for you. Sophisticated algorithms will help match you with cleaners in your area, and you also have the option of re-booking your preferred cleaner. Helpling is also great for cleaners, as it provides people who require flexible jobs a source of income. If you opt for a recurring booking, rest assured that you won’t be locked down with a contract, and you won’t be hit with a charge in the event you need to cancel the booking.


3. When you need someone to take care of your pet while you’re on vacay, try Pawshake

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So you and your partner have finally managed to take leave at the same time for that long-awaited holiday. But you don’t want to trouble friends or family members to help care for you dog or cat when you’re gone – it’s a huge responsibility after all. For that, there’s Pawshake, where you can arrange for your dog to stay at a host family’s place for the duration that you’re away. The first step is to arrange for a meet-and-greet with the potential pet-sitter so the two of you can get to know each other – it’s also a chance for both your pets to get acquainted. If all goes well, make a booking and pay through the Pawshake website. All dog sitters have been vetted, promise to give your furry friend lots of attention, and give you piece of mind by sending you regular photo updates while you’re away. Premium insurance as well as 24/7 customer support is also thrown in for good measure.


4. Live large by having a professional chef cook at your home with Clubvivre

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When it comes to hosting dinner parties, people generally fall into two camps. The ones that get off on cooking obscene amounts of food for their friends, or the ones who possess zero culinary skills and rely on takeaways to feed their buddies. If you belong to the latter category, you might be glad to know that your friends no longer have to settle for soggy pizza or lukewarm takeout. At Clubvivre, you can hire a professional chef to cook for you and your pals at home. Simply peruse the menus on the website’s main page, find one that fits your taste and budget, and proceed with your booking! If you’re feeling overwhelmed by choice, simply chat live with someone from Clubvivre, and they’ll be able to make some recommendations to narrow down your options. Once you’ve made your booking, the chef will take care of everything, from the buying of the ingredients, to prep work and cooking.


5. When you need to fix a cracked mobile phone screen, stat, you need Fynd

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True story: three out of four people on Go Away editorial team (myself included) have managed to either crack or shatter their screen of their iPhone 6s. When it happened to me, I took my phone to one of those Ah Beng shops in Funan, forked out a pretty penny for it (damn you, iPhone 6s), and was not happy with what I got in the end. The screen was replaced, but it lacked the sensitivity of the old one, which is really annoying when you have to work on the go. I went back to the store, and the bored salesgirl just told me it’s “probably an iOS update issue” without taking another look at my phone. Now, I’m no techie but I knew what she told me was complete and utter bullshit. Finally, I decided to take my colleague Deborah’s advice and have it repaired again by Fynd, which she previously used after she dropped her iPhone 6. Yeah, it was still expensive, but my phone felt as good as new after it was repaired by someone from the Fynd team. What I like about Fynd is that you can get a quotation immediately when you visit the website. Make a booking, and someone will come to your doorstep to repair your phone’s screen in under half an hour. Easy peasy.

She may have been born and bred in Singapore, but Denise considers Chiang Mai her spiritual home and needs to make a yearly pilgrimage there to maintain her sanity. Competitive by nature, she enjoys combat sports and is currently obsessed with Brazilian jiu-jitsu, which she picked up just under a year ago. To no one’s surprise, the country currently at the top of her travel bucket list is Brazil.

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