How Traveling 3 Times A Year Changed My Life The Great Escape

If you can afford it, travel is one of the best ways to expand your horizons. 

Is there a better feeling than waking up at your travel destination on your first morning there and realising you’re not home? Probably not. Each time you travel, you’re opening your mind to other cultures, adventures, traditions, people, and communities.

This is exactly why I decided to make it a goal to travel three times a year so as to continue gathering priceless knowledge and experience. Whether you’re a teacher, entrepreneur or an online florist, travelling is a valuable and elevating experience you have to include in your yearly itinerary. Why three times, you ask ? It can be more, really, but I stuck with a minimum of three times a year. This way, it doesn’t affect my job and I can still ensure I am financially sound whenever I make my trips.

Here are 5 reasons you should throw your clothes in a backpack and take a breather!

1. Connecting
Connecting with people is great both for your professional and personal life. When you’re travelling, you’re bound to meet new people wherever you go. And if you’re especially extroverted,  you’ll be able to create relationships that may help you in the future, in both your business and personal life. You can never have too many friends and allies.

The world is such a huge place; everyone has something unique and new to offer, and connecting with people in different communities will help you, as it has helped me, broaden your horizons and open up new doors. And all of this, simply because I mingled with the crowd of the world. Book bed & breakfasts, bunk in at hostels, go for tours, and take every opportunity to connect with random people.

2. Taking Control
In many aspects, travelling has enabled me to take control of my life. Look at it this way. When you travel, especially solo, you are bound to become more independent. You are in control of where you go, when you go, and who you talk to. You’re basically forced to take life into your own hands.

One of the biggest things I took control over was my mind. I learned how to conquer my fears and break boundaries. Travelling to unknown places helped me learn that takings risks and experimenting is something you can’t put a price on and is absolutely necessary for maturity and wisdom.

Travelling doesn’t mean spending luxuriously. Being out of your comfort zone with a certain amount of money, teaches you to manage your finances better. It differentiates your needs and wants and it’s a journey that teaches you lessons you can never get from reading books or travel blogs.

3. Changing Perspective
Before I started travelling religiously, I always thought that my life, my ideas, and my vision are on point. I was completely convinced that I knew what I was doing, and that the ways I usually got things done have been perfect to suit my own life. I thought I had it all.

But then, I went on a journey that led me through diametrically different cultures and people. I met people who lead different lives and had a different outlook on it as well. At first I was apprehensive about it, but through time, I became more self-aware. I started questioning the way I lead my life. Was there something I could learn from the people of the world? Their way of life, their perspective on things.

Of course there was. Diverse cultures teach you to look at life from different angles, which gives you more strength and motivation to continue even when you’re in the darkest place in your life. You have been faced with different perspectives, and you know there are many ways to live life and solve problems. The change of perspective is a truly eye-opening experience.

go away_travel fun

4. Discovering Yourself
Road trips can represent a road to self-discovery, which is exactly what it was for me. It was a great opportunity to see the world, but every time I went on a new journey, I got into situations where I had to act or think differently. I realised how much room for improvement I had as a person, and what my flaws and good traits were. From there, I started working on my bad points, because travelling gave me the courage for it.

I faced my fears, took risks and experimented, and led me to think about my life in general. When you think about it, how many of us are sure what life priorities are? There are so many people putting the cart before the horse, without ever realising it’s the wrong way.

You eventually learn to look at the future, way beyond tomorrow and think about what the essence of your life is.

5. Refreshing Your Life
Last but not least, travel refreshes your life. No matter how much you think you’re happy where you are, doing what you’re doing, surrounded by people you love and who love you back, you need a break. I took a break simply out of curiosity, to see what it would be like to be separated from loved ones for a while.

And this exact change is what I needed to step out of my daily routine and look at my life as if I was a customer in a shopping mall. I looked through the window shop and saw what my life was missing, and realised that travelling can give you a good and healthy dose of enthusiasm and will.

And to tell you the truth, I couldn’t quench my travel thirst enough even if I lived two lives.

The joy and influence of travelling extends to other areas of life. It’s not just about the journey itself; it’s about changing your mindset and embracing the changes you’ve felt, seen or heard and implementing it into your business and personal life. Once you start travelling, you’ll quickly see there’s so much more to life than you think. Remember, travel is the only thing in this world that you have to pay for, but get richer with. Invest in your life.

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