5 Hacks For A Successful Roadtrip No One’s Ever Told You Wander Wonder

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There’s nothing worse than being stuck in a car filled with passengers who are angry at each other. 

We’ve talked about the types of people you should not go on a roadtrip with and,  the things you need to know before you drive up to Malaysia. What more can we possibly tell you about planning a successful roadtrip? Well, read on.

1. Baggage limits per passenger

Carrying bags

Do not assume that everyone is considerate or self-aware. Before your trip, send a message to your companions informing them the number of bags each person is allowed to bring. It just won’t do if someone turns up with 5 suitcases, takes up all available bootspace, and expects everyone else’s bags to go on their laps.


2. Rules are not meant to control you


Rather, rules are meant to ensure nobody feels like they are being taken advantage of. Consider setting rules for the following things: How should you split the petrol bills and toll fees? Should you guys take turns to play DJ? Should you take turns deciding where to eat? Don’t assume everyone is happy to go along with the decisions of one person.


3. Cleanliness is next to godliness 


And this cannot be more true when five people are stuck in a confined space for hours. Provide ample plastic bags in the car for people to place their trash in, and make it a rule that every time the car makes a pit-stop, everyone has to take their trash out.


4. Make the car everyone’s responsibility 


Make it clear that you are NOT everyone’s chauffeur. It may sound a bit harsh but, hey, some things are just better said first. What does making the car everyone’s responsibility mean? You could, for instance, appoint someone else as the official map reader. Whenever the driver has trouble finding a place, make it the duty of this person to activate the GPS on his phone to help with directions. Then, appoint another person to be in charge of the car’s overall cleanliness so you don’t end up playing the role of Mother Hen, nagging everyone to keep the car clean.


5. Safety first. Always 


You are driving a vehicle containing many lives. Do not succumb to reckless driving whether it’s to prove a point to another driver or to make your passengers happy. The point of a trip is to return in one piece, accident-free.


For tips on how to give your car a thorough check before a roadtrip, click on the video by Volkswagen Singapore below:



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