7 Places In Singapore For Great Live Music Anything Goes

Be it a restaurant or a pub, there’s no denying that live music adds to the atmosphere of the place. Want to know where you can find some of the best live bands in Singapore? Read on. 

One of my favourite places to go for live music in Singapore is Crazy Elephant at Clarke Quay. Sure, the TV screen has been flashing the world’s most politically-incorrect, eyebrow-raising jokes for years but you know you are hanging with a bunch of people who are serious about one or both of these things: music and beer. Of all the Clarke Quay establishments, it’s the only one I don’t mind going to when I’m wearing t-shirts and shorts.

Of course, if I want to be specific about the bands I like, top on my list is definitely Shirlyn & The Unexpected – a regular fixture at Holland Village’s Wala Wala on Thursday and Saturday. So, where else on our island can you find great live music? After grilling a friend who plays for a band here, we got some recommendations:

1. Timbre+ 

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Tucked away in an industrial estate, the “gastropark” is a huge foodcourt serving up craft beers, Japanese sashimi, French cuisine, bak kut teh, and more. From Monday to Saturday, the dinner crowd is treated to live band performances by the likes of Johan & Jerome, Good Karma, and Supersonic.

Timbre+ is located at 73A Ayer Rajah Crescent.


2. Hood Bar and Cafe 

On Wednesday nights, Hood Bar and Cafe is the place to be cos this is when Amanda Tee and the Dugong Warriors play! And, if you’re tired of the usual chicken wings and nacho chips bar food, be sure to order up its deep-fried “mala” frog legs or the deep-fried chicken skin.

Hood Bar and Cafe is located at Bugis+, 201 Victoria Street, #05-07. 


3. Harry’s@Claymore 

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Of course, when it comes to drinks, food, and music, you cannot forget about Harry’s. An institution in the Singapore pub scene, Harry’s is well-loved by both locals and foreign visitors. Love old-school rock songs by Santana and Dire Straits? Then go to Harry’s@Claymore for Tania, possibly one of Singapore’s most experienced live bands.

Harry’s@Claymore is located at Orchard Towers, #01-05. For a list of Harry’s bars, click here


4. Wala Wala 

We love Wala Wala for 2 reasons: Reverie, and Shirlyn & The Unexpected. Reverie plays at Wala Wala every Friday after 9.30pm while Shirlyn & The Unexpected plays there every Thursday and Saturday after 9.30pm. Recently, Wala Wala also opened up a massive joint called Hive by Wala Wala at Havelock Road where another popular band 53A plays every Thursday.

Wala Wala is located at 31 Lorong Mambong; Hive by Wala Wala is located at 407 Havelock Road (next to Furama Riverfront Hotel).


5. Crazy Elephant 

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Two words: No frills. You don’t go to Crazy Elephant for fancy-schmanzy cocktails, you don’t go there expecting super imaginative bar food. You go to Crazy Elephant for thumping good rock & roll, for the blues, for music that isn’t your usual Top 40s. It’s got a wonderful atmosphere; just relax into it and open your mind.

Crazy Elephant is located at Clark Quay, 3E River Valley, #01-03 (it’s the stretch just before the G-Max Reverse Bungee) 


6. Balaclava

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After a long hiatus, Balaclava is back at Suntec City! Possibly the most “posh” recommendation on this list, expect velvet sofas and chandeliers, and of course, pricy beverages. Still, there’s great music to be enjoyed here. For couples out on a date, Tuesday is when Chris and Diana go onstage. Our informant describes them as, “Very cute couple that does acoustic covers.”. Hanging out with friends? Then go there on Wednesday for Tabula (the band that used to play at the now-defunct China One) – who plays a wide range of rock covers.

Balaclava is located Suntec City, North Wing, Tower 5, #01-434. 


7. Mel’s Place 

“This boy is very handsome and got charisma” is what our informant tells us about Ngak Ng who plays on Fridays at Mel’s Place. Located at the east side of Singapore, Mel’s Place is rustic and casual with a sizeable drinks and food menu.

Mel’s Place is located at 2A Kuo Chuan Ave. 

Do you have a recommendation for places with great live music in Singapore? If so, add to Comments below.

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