5 Uncommon Olympic Sports You Can Pick Up In Singapore Buy Buy Buy

With the 2016 Summer Olympics coming up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, you just might be inspired to pick up one of these!

Every four years, mere mortals like us have the honour of spending a few weeks luxuriating in front of the television eating chips while watching athletes perform seemingly superhuman feats of speed, strength, and skill. This year, why not make it a little different by actually getting around to picking up one of those sports yourself? Here are five you can try, right here on our little red dot.

1. Archery

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The world of archery has Katniss Everdeen to thank for putting this sport in the spotlight! Pick up the basics of this ancient art at DM Archery, which has seen many of its students go on to be competitive archers. Find out more, here.

DM Archery is located at Orchid Country Club. Tel: 6346 4788


2. Rhythmic gymnastics

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Rhythmic gymnastics is a subset of gymnastics incorporating dance-like routines with equipment such as balls, ribbons, hoops and clubs. The Bianka Panova Sport and Art Academy is one of the few places in Singapore that offers weekly rhythmic gym classes for adults. Panova is an accomplished gymnast with nine world championship titles to her name, and is also the Guinness world record holder: She won all five possible gold medals with a maximum score of 10 points at the World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships in Varna in 1987. Find out more, here.

The Bianka Panova Sport & Art Academy is located at 2 Bukit Merah Central. Tel: 6274 3822


3. Wrestling

Erm, no, we’re not referring to the type of wrestling where Hulk Hogan and The Rock made names for themselves. That sort of wrestling is actually known as professional wrestling. The type we’re referring to is Olympic wrestling (the kind that has been around since the time of the Ancient Greeks). In the Olympics, there are two categories of wrestling: Freestyle (for men and women) and Greco-Roman (only for men). The latter forbids wrestlers from grabbing below the waist, while in freestyle wrestling, the legs can be used both offensively and defensively. So integral is the sport of wrestling to the Olympics that when the International Olympic Committee voted in 2013 to have it removed from the 2020 Summer Olympics onwards, it caused such a furore that it was reinstated just months later. The Wrestling Federation of Singapore offers adult classes at nine locations around the island, including Evolve MMA.

Find out more by visiting the Wrestling Federation of Singapore’s website


4. Trampoline gymnastics

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Make no mistake: Trampolining is not just child’s play! A search for “trampoline gymnastics” in YouTube confirms that. While it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to perform double somersaults if you’re a complete beginner to the sport, you can get acquainted with the basics of synchronised trampolining and tumbling at Gymkraft. A low-impact sport with high-intensity routines, it’s said to be a great option for those who are looking to return to sport post-injury, or for those who are looking to make over a sedentary lifestyle. At Gymkraft, each and every class is scaled so both beginners and more advanced practitioners are able to get a workout that best suits their skill and fitness levels. Find out more, here.

Gymkraft is located at 100 Guillemard Road. Tel: 9128 4644


5. Fencing

Fencing just looks so damn cool, don’t you think? Plus, it’s one of only five activities to feature at every single Summer Olympics since the inception of the modern games in 1896. To the layman, it looks like all the fencers are using the same type of weapon, but there are actually three kinds: the epee, the foil, and the sabre. Each is designed differently, and has its own specific scoring system. Competitive fencers are usually adept at using all three, but will eventually specialise in using just one weapon. You can get yourself better acquainted with one of these at the Modern Fencing Sports Club, which offers twice weekly beginner/intermediate classes for adults. Find out more, here.

Modern Fencing Sports Club is located at 107 Turf Club Road, 01-02K. Tel: 9017 8517

She may have been born and bred in Singapore, but Denise considers Chiang Mai her spiritual home and needs to make a yearly pilgrimage there to maintain her sanity. Competitive by nature, she enjoys combat sports and is currently obsessed with Brazilian jiu-jitsu, which she picked up just under a year ago. To no one’s surprise, the country currently at the top of her travel bucket list is Brazil.

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