Find Your Perfect Backpack For Any Adventure Anything Goes

Even if you’re just going for a day trip, you still need a sturdy backpack. 

So what if it is summer all year long on our little island? Just because we cannot celebrate the seasonal changes does not mean we should not partake in the fun of summer! We have what the rest of the world envies: endless sunny days and opportunity to hang outdoors.

This is the best time of the year to get functional. You want a bag that can carry all of your essentials, whether it for a day at the beach or cycling to Marina Bay. So here is a summary of the best backpacks for any activity.

Field Trip to Coney Island

Image Credit: ZALORA

Image Credit: ZALORA

Coney Island was opened to the public early this year. If you have not taken a walk around another side of Singapore, be sure to head soon! For a day trip, all you need is a compact bag with the bare essentials. You don’t want your bag to be so big  that it gets in the way but it needs to be big enough for your water bottle, wallet, towel, and an extra change of clothes. A medium-sized backpack like the one picture above should do the trick!

Hiking in Southeast Asia

Image Credit: ZALORA

Image Credit: ZALORA

If you love to travel on a budget, then backpacking is right up your alley. Your choice of bag needs to have multiple sleeves and hidden side pockets to keep your documents safe from pickpockets. It would also need a padded section if you intend to carry your tablet or camera with you at all times. Straps are useful especially if you need to secure your sleeping bag or to make your snacks accessible at all times!

Galavanting Around U.S.S or Adventure Cove

Image Credit: ZALORA

Image Credit: ZALORA

The most important thing for a fun day at a theme park or Adventure Cove, is to pack as light as possible. You want to be able to run to the next ride easily without being weighed down by your bag. A sling bag is perfect to stash your wallet and a 500ml bottle of water. Take it from me, the last thing you need is to step out of the queue to buy an overpriced bottle of Evian.

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