If You’re Wearing THESE To The Airport,  Stop. Anything Goes

A low-down on what NOT to wear at the airport.

Nothing kills the excitement for a trip than being held up at airport security. After experiencing a painful inspection because the metal detectors were set off, you generally come to have a general idea of what to avoid wearing to the airport. For instance, lace-up sandals? Great idea, until you hold up a line of impatient people as you try to take them off.

Make your next travelling experience a much smoother one by eliminating these from your airport outfit:

1. Heels

I mean, do you really want to totter around in your stilettos through endless airport terminals to catch your plane or – touch wood – in case of an emergency? Stay comfy, stay vigilant, and opt for fuss-free slip-on flats instead. Wear your bulkiest shoes so you don’t have to pack them in your suitcase, thus freeing up some suitcase space for more of your clothes.

2. Anything metallic 

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This one is a given. Unless you want to set off the metal detector (and be held up for additional screening), refrain from wearing anything ranging from body piercings, keys, and clothes with metal fasteners.

Jewelry-wise, large metal bracelets and necklaces will set off the metal detector. It might be wise to put your jewelry on after screening to avoid a pat-down. If you absolutely have to wear jewelry as soon as you arrive at your destination, stash it in another bag inside your carry-on so that it is easily retrievable at security checkpoints.

3. Bobby pins

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Sounds far-fetched, but wearing too many bobby pins can set off the metal detector alarm as well! Throw your hair into an effortlessly chic ponytail and skip the bobby pins. When dressing for chasing planes, think low-maintenance. You can always get dolled up after the security screening.

4. Maxi dresses or skirts

Loose garments or clothing with lots of fabric may have you subjected to extra screening as the officer will need to ensure that you’re not stashing any prohibited items under your skirt. So spare yourself the unnecessary hassle and stick to skinny jeans, to be safe.

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