9 Types Of People Who Should Be Condemned To Take The Stairs Anything Goes

Are you one of them?

You’ve probably come across some if not all of the types of people mentioned below, because they are everywhere. See, the elevator is its own microcosm of social awkwardness and bizarre behaviour on many levels. Since many of us use it several times a day, we are inevitably exposed to the endless personality quirks of human beings – some of which are fascinating, others, as you’re about to read, incomprehensible and annoying.

1. The Too-Lazy-To-Walk-Up/Down-One-Flight-Of-Stairs Bum

dog scared stairs gif

Unless you’re injured, not feeling well, heavily pregnant or an elderly person, take the damn stairs if you are just going one floor up/down.

2. The Too-Important-To-Say-Thanks Entitled Brat

self-entitled dog

Because kindness has its limits, too

3. The Dunno-The-Meaning-Of-Personal-Space Creeper

no personal space 3

As it is, we are in a tiny, enclosed space. Do you mind?

4. The Cannot-Move-In Martin


This person just has to move 1cm forward, and the two-sided elevator doors would close in on his nose. We can only wish.

5. The Silence-Is-Not-Golden Noise Maker

howling dig

Most people are perfectly comfortable with short stretches of silence, like when they’re in an elevator. This is not most people.

6. The Stand-So-Close-To-The-Buttons-But-Never-Offer-To-Help Prick


Thanks for not literally pushing our buttons, you button blocker.


For the remaining three types – the Dunno-Where-To-Go Blur Sotong, Dunno-That-Someone-Is-Waiting-For-me Slowpoke, and Dunno-Up-Or-Down Blind Bat – check them out in the video below:

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