Find The Perfect Travel Bag For Your Travel Personality Anything Goes

Forget your regular duffel bag. Here’s a guide to choosing the perfect carry-all for your travel personality! 

We all want to look chic and stay comfy when travelling – all the style but minimal fuss. So what’s a practical way to creating the perfect in-flight look? Basics like skinny jeans or jeggings, stacked ankle boots, and a coat or oversized cardigan are a given, of course. But how can you best haul your essentials around without being a disorganised mess?

Travel bags come in many options, but the one you carry should suit the type of traveller you are. Here are a few suggestions for the five most common types of travellers:

1. The Low-Key Traveller

Image Credit: Zalora

Image Credit: Zalora

You hate over-dressing, but like to remain stylish. Effortlessly chic is your go-to look. Your go-to outfit is probably skinny jeans paired with a T-shirt and ankle boots. Practicality is the theme of the day, so your bag should channel your laid-back style too. A cross-body bag will keep your essentials close while saving you the hassle of adjusting bag straps.

2. The Glamorous Traveller

Image Credit: Zalora

Image Credit: Zalora

Glam is your word of the day, and you’re most likely to be seen with a pair of sunnies, a hat and/or coat. Flaunt your jet-setter chic with a structured handbag for a strut down the runway.

3. The Hands-Free Traveller

Image Credit: Zalora

Image Credit: Zalora

Who can be bothered with baggage, right? You’ve got better things to devote your attention to, like scrolling through your playlist or grabbing a snack while waiting for your flight. A carry-on that will keep your hands free will suit you best. Look for a backpack with multiple pockets to stay organised so you can breeze through customs. And for your knick-knacks like lip balm, a small pouch will keep you organised and save you from desperately rummaging through your bag.

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