6 Singaporean Accessories Brands You May Not Have Heard Of,  Yet Buy Buy Buy

Everything sold in the shops are just so same-old, same-old? Check out these local accessories brands! 

1. Clay, clay, hooray! 

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Love quirky, irregular shapes? Then Average Jo is for you! Working with polymer clay as her principal material, Jomaine’s necklaces are statement-making and definitely add an interesting touch to a plain white tee.


2. Cane I have one?

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Think walking canes and images of fuddy-duddy old men come to mind? These beautifully designed canes from Cane Art are great for just about anyone! Whether to use as an aid or a fashion accessory, these canes are foldable, and adjustable to suit any height.


3. I Longue Vue For You!

Also another designer working with polymer clay as her main material, Longue Vue’s handmade pieces stand out from the clutter, thanks to its delicate, fresh colour scheme. Its first collection is inspired by, in the words on her website, “Calanques, a most wonderful location near Marseille, Southern France. ‘Calanques’ are fjord -like inlets carved into white limestone.”


4. Let’s play ruffia!

Upon closer examination, you’ll see that Freckled Daisy‘s pieces are made with an interesting material. It’s ruffia! Each piece is carefully handmade and the colour combinations are so refreshing, we can just imagine toting some of them off to a resort holiday.


5. Simply super!

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A row of cable cars moving towards a snow-capped mountain. Sounds like a great scene for an oil painting but … Supernacular has made it into a necklace! Its pins are also super cute. Don’t take our word for it. Go check them out for yourself!


6. Lorem ipsum you didn’t read this wrong

Another creative genius that manages to make “cute”, chic! The Lorem Ipsum Store‘s pieces range from easy-to-wear crochet chain necklaces to juicy-coloured ones that are perfect for days when you just want to have fun with your accessories but not be mistaken for a kid.


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