6 Places In Nature So Beautiful You Can’t Miss Out On The Great Escape

Love nature? You’ll definitely want to visit these places then! 

Coming from a densely populated city like Singapore, it’s such a privilege to be able to travel to wide expanses of natural beauty every once in a while. Here are our top picks for places of spectacular natural beauty:

1. Ladakh, India: Pangong TSO Lake

This city located near Jammu and Kashmir is truly a serene and peaceful place that has to be visited at least once in your life. The Pangong TSO Lake is located at about 4250m high and it runs from India all the way into China. In fact 60% of the lake is located in Tibet and extends for about 134 km. If you are a natural light photographer, this will be your dream destination!
The colour of the lake changes throughout the day and it will only be fair to spend at least a day watching the transition of the shades, especially during sunset and sunrise. Apart from the picturesque nature of the place, the vast view of this blue beauty will allow you to experience something incredible internally. The positive nature of the place will feed you with a sense of strength, power and clarity before you leave.

2. Paro, Bhutan: Tiger Nest Monastery, Paro Valley

Rated as the happiest country in Asia, Bhutan is not only a place with the most scenic view but its culture will leave you amazed. The Bhutanese have a polite and welcoming nature, and will do their utmost best to make sure you are well taken care of during your stay. For adventure seekers, this trip will satisfy everything your need for adrenaline. The climb up to the monastery is about 3, 000ft high and will allow you to catch beautiful views of Paro valleys along the sacred Buddhist Himalayan site. There are about three mountain paths that will take you to the monastery and the remoteness of the place adds to the scenic experience.

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3. Amsterdam, Holland: Tulip Festival

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Keukenhof is Amsterdam’s tulip festival, which takes place every year sometime between March and May. The arrays of colourful tulips arranged amidst the windmills is a dream destination for anyone who loves flowers. Guys, if you are planning for the perfect surprise for your loved one, ditch the bouquet and get her a ticket to Amsterdam to shower her with some massive flower love! For those travelling this year, the tulip festival is open between 24 March to 16 May 2016. Keukenhof has a theme that changes every year; this year’s theme is, ‘The golden age”, which represents the period where Holland’s business and trade industry was at its peak. The Delft blue garden is the main highlight this year, as it represents the trade across the canal-side houses of Amsterdam.

4. Hitachi, Japan : Nemophila Harmony at Seaside Park

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The Nemophila harmony is a must see at Hitachi, Japan if you are travelling somewhere between April and May. Hitachi’s seaside park has numerous seasonal blooms during the spring season but the Nemophila Harmony is in a league of its own. As someone who has a special love for colours, I believe that each colour has the power to intrigue unique thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Located against the vast blue horizon and the Pacific Ocean, these baby blue eyes will take you on oard to a world of selfless love, fidelity, and calmness.

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