What Is Absolut Elyx and Why Are You Suddenly Seeing It Everywhere? Food Notes

If you equate “vodka” with “paint thinner”, we promise, a sip of Absolut Elyx will change your mind. 

Vodka was a big part of youth. When it came to drinking, I cut my teeth on vodka tonics, vodka cranberry, and vodka Ribena, and yes, vodka shots too. Vodka – and particularly Absolut Blue – was something I always associated with a good night out.

As I got older, and my bedtimes started getting earlier, I moved on to wine and beer, although I still appreciate a good cocktail every now and then.

Lately, I’ve been invited to a number of Absolut Elyx events and the delicious cocktails I sampled ignited my curiosity about this particular variant of vodka. Here’s what makes it different from other vodkas you may have tried:

1. It’s a higher grade of vodka that’s made from single estate wheat from the Rabelof Castle in Ahus, Sweden. Every single stage of its production takes place within a 15-mile radius of the distillery, ensuring better quality control.

2. It is manually distilled in a copper still. Copper is used because it helps catalyse the trace compounds in the spirit, thus purifying it for better taste and texture.

Absolut Elyx - Portrait

At the most recent Absolut Elyx Raw Lux Night event held at Four Seasons’ One-Ninety Bar and Terraza by Javier de las Muelas, we caught up with local Absolut Elyx brand ambassador Aki Eguchi of Jigger and Pony fame to find out why he likes using Absolut Elyx as a base in his cocktails.

Go Away (GA): Can you tell us why you like working with Absolut Elyx?

Aki Eguchi (AE): Absolut Elyx is a creamy and clean tasting vodka, which makes it easy to mix with a whole host of other ingredients. While many people think that vodka doesn’t have a distinctive taste, I actually think it’s full of character. Absolut Elyx, in particular, has some interesting sweet notes to it as well. It’s great with just soda, tonic water, or even on the rocks, too.

GA: What are some mistakes that people often make when they make their own cocktails at home?

AE: Ice is actually a key ingredient in any cocktail. Obviously, your drink will taste better if you are working with good quality ice, but I understand that it can be hard to control all the elements of ice-making at home. My advice is to use larger pieces of ice, so it doesn’t melt as quickly.

GA: Can you tell us about the three Absolut Elyx cocktails you’ve concocted for Raw Lux Night?

AE: The Coppersmith #190 (Absolut Elyx, Eau de vie Poire, Chatreause Green, lime juice, Absinthe, sparking wine; only available at One-Ninety Bar and Terraza) is the one to start with as it’s a more easygoing drink. Next, move on to the Elder Elixir (Absolut Elyx, St Germain, lemon, sugar, egg white, Angosutra bitters). I created this three years ago, and still remains a firm favourite today. It’s floral and tangy, with a creamy texture, thanks to the egg white. Finish the night with Copper Face (Absolut Elyx, Calvados, apricot brandy, orange zest). This is the strongest drink of the three, with lots of flavour thanks to the combination of Calvados and apricot brandy.

Screenshot 2016-04-25 16.54.35

The three Absolut Elyx cocktails made by Aki Eguchi – Coppersmith #190, Elder Elixir, and Copper Face – are available at $20++ each from now till May 12, 2016 at One-Ninety Bar and Terraza by Javier de la Muelas, Four Seasons Hotel.

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