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When you feel like you’ve lost your bearings in life, sometimes a little inspiration can get you back on track.

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, life still feels difficult and like it’s spinning out of control. You feel listless and lethargic, and feel as if you’re just going through the moments. It’s almost like you’ve lost your groove, your mojo, your soul. Sounds familiar?

Beth Yap can certainly relate. In a recent interview, the 21-year-old musician who will be performing at the upcoming Getai Soul, shares with Go Away that many of her songs were inspired by challenges in her personal life. She says, “The song Alcatraz was written after having gone through crippling bouts of worry and anxiety. I worry about the future a lot. Overthinking made me a prisoner of my own mind, hence the metaphor of the island prison. Beauty For Ashes was written to get myself through the ending of a relationship and a job that was draining my soul and taking time away from the things and people I loved. Just as I wrote in the pre-chorus, ‘Gotta keep trying even when you’re crying // Gotta keep pushing even though you’re losing’.”

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Fellow musician Tim De Cotta, who will also be performing at Getai Soul, concurs on the power of music to heal one’s soul. The affable and personable 30-year-old says, “Soul is a moment of awakening and a moment of realisation. Soul is being fully present in every moment. Music has a very powerful impact in this regard as the transmission of sound, notes, and melody in a span of even just five seconds, can make someone cry, laugh, feel energised or lethargic, angry, sad or ecstatic. One song can give you an abundance of soul-food.”

Soul is to have purpose and meaning in life. Soul is to see beyond the routines and to appreciate every living moment and to actively choose to be happy and present in life. It gives you purpose and direction. It gives you hope and the strength to stand up when everything pulls you down. – Tim De Cotta

Isn’t it true? Music may not solve your problems, but they can definitely transport you to a different mind-state where you are able to refocus and reroute your life map. If you’ve been feeling a little lost lately, elevate your soul at Getai Soul, a two-day soul music festival held at the heritage site Pearl Hill City Park on 7 and 8 May 2016. Apart from Yap and De Cotta, the event will also feature renowned musicians such as Charlie Lim & The Mothership, The Steve Mcqueens, Dru Chen, Vandetta, The Good Life Project, TAJ and more from Singapore and the region such as Najwa Mahiaddin from Malaysia, Barry Likumahuwa from Indonesia, and Za Feedo from Japan. The festival also promises to be a feast of the senses, with visual art installations, food stalls, DJ sets, a Teochew Puppetry Stage, and experimental exhibitions available on both days.

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Yap says, “Musician or not, I think each person has to think about what they’re good at doing, what they like doing and find their way to do both so that they can live instead of just exist. In other words, we’ve all got to do our own soul-searching.”

Are you ready for your soul-enriching experience?

Go Away is giving away 4 pairs of Getai Soul tickets worth $464!

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