Why Are Korean Dramas So Darned Addictive? Anything Goes

The wildly popular Descendants of the Sun may have just ended, but there’s no stopping the Korean Wave of drama series. But just what makes these dramas so addictive

The Hallyu wave certainly shows no signs of ebbing, and there are many good reasons why. Korean fashion and K-pop aside, there’s also the last factor that makes up the trifecta: Korean dramas.

Drama after drama, it now seems impossible to stop swooning over these captivating Korean screenplays. Why, though? What causes so many people to binge-watch these shows for hours and live in these stories?

We break it down, below:

1. Charming Main Leads

The instinctive inclination and addiction to a drama is largely due to its main characters.  As explained by K-drama hottie Rain, male characters are “very lovely, sometimes very kind, sometimes very sexy”.

Putting all of these traits together, it’s no wonder that fans fall head-over-heels into K-dramas and imaginary relationships with the lead characters. (Shower scenes showing the male lead’s perfectly sculpted male does not hurt either.)

On top of endless ogling at the dreamy male leads, K-drama female characters are equally mesmerising to spark off girl-crushes. No matter what situation or environment the female characters are in, they never fail to look extraordinarily beautiful (and with perfect skin to boot).

2. Adorable Bromances

Bromances are common in K-dramas as they bring out the characters’ personality and deliver comic relief to the show. Above all, bromances create all the feels. In fact, it is usually the bromance in a show that gets me crying every single time. Love, trust, and having each other’s backs through good and bad times – this is the sort of relationship everybody yearns for.

3. Emotionally Apt Soundtracks

Although the soundtracks are in Korean, they are still capable of evoking all kinds of emotions in viewers who don’t speak the language. The gentle, heart-wrenching melodies seem to convey the characters’ emotions perfectly, causing fans to spiral hopelessly in love with the drama.

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