5 Ways To Sneak In Exercise Throughout Your Day Anything Goes

You don’t have to hit a gym in order to get toned! 

Question: Do you get enough exercise?

While you should aim for 20 or 30 minutes of daily exercise, you can also seize the opportunity to sneak in a little extra calorie-burning movement throughout the day. It doesn’t matter where you are — your bedroom or the gym — because as long as you are working your muscles, you are toning them up.

So, work in a little exercises whenever you can, wherever you can – while you make breakfast in the kitchen, while brushing yoyr teeth in the bathroom, or while you are watching that Korean drama online. Just be mindful of keeping your muscles engaged and your metabolism running high

Did you know just by fidgeting you can burn up to 500 calories in a day? These fidget-exercises take less than one minute and they do wonders to your basal metabolic rate. Take note that these should not replace your regular workouts, although they can definitely help in boosting your overall fitness. Here are five simple moves to try:

Tighten That Butt
Whether you’re in the elevator, walking down the grocery aisle, or waiting in line for your food, clench those butt cheeks. It helps to tighten your butt, and the best part is that no one will even know!

At home, instead of simply slumping in the couch while you watch TV, squeeze in a workout by pretending to sit. What this means is to press your back flat against a wall and then lower your body by bending your knees to a 90-degree angle. This move will work your butt and quadriceps. Hold the position for as long as you can and feel the burn!

go away_legs

Tone Your Legs
Calling all office workers: you’ve probably noticed your legs getting as flabby as your butt from all that sitting you do. Nip that in the bud by doing leg lifts or squats during any pocket of free time.

Also, log more steps daily by sneaking in some extra walking. For instance, take the stairs instead of the elevator, get off one bus stop earlier, or park your car further away from your destination, and you’ll find yourself hitting your daily step count more easily!

Get Toned While Watching TV
Again, if you are relaxing before the TV, lie on the floor and do some crunches. Do them during commercial breaks and you’d have a trim middle before long! Or, you could do tricep dips instead of lounging on the couch. Prop your hands on the edge of the sofa and bend your elbows behind you. Then, lower your body toward the floor with your knees bent and feet shoulder-width apart. Dip and raise your body using your arms as you watch TV and you’ll be bidding that arm jiggle goodbye in no time!

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