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We all have our own preferences when it comes to travel destinations. Here are some suggestions based on your personality type!

If you badly need a vacation but are not sure where to go, here’s how you can find out. By determining your travel personality type, you can pick destinations better suited for you. And don’t worry if you think you’re hard to define – there is a trip for every personality type out there. Whether you’re conventional who sticks to tried-and-tested routes or a dreamer who enjoys getting lost, there’s a holiday that will suit you.

Use this list to find out the ideal trip for your personality type, then go on and book your next flight!

The Classic Traveller

Classic Travellers value organisation and consistency. They are not the spontaneous, fly-by-the-seat-of-their-pants sort, so they would find it stressful to travel without a plan in a new place. However, they love guided tours in more traditional, tourist-friendly locales. For the Classic Traveller, a wine tour vacation in Tuscany, Italy would be perfect.

The Harmonious Traveller

Harmonious Travellers value, well, peace and harmony. They tend to feel a deep responsibility towards others, so they deserve some “me-time” on a holiday to focus on themselves for a change. A retreat to the eco-friendly Kasbah du Toubkal Ecolodge in Marrakech, Morocco will cater to their compassionate nature.

The Altruistic Traveller

Altruistic Travellers are nurturing and creative by nature. They love to help others and derive great satisfaction in making the world a better place. To them, a trip is worth it if they manage to contribute to a cause, whether it’s to visit an orphanage or assisting at the Kenya Wildlife Service. Check out National Geographic’s list of top volunteer vacations for some ideas.

The Posh Traveller

Contrary to popular belief, Posh Travellers are not all glamour and no substance. They are, in fact, logical and analytical, and they love to engage in intellectual discussions. They have very high standards when it comes to a vacation – a holiday that is intellectually stimulating, such as a trip to somewhere rich with art and history, is the most fulfilling to them. London, with its rich literary history, museums, and university campuses, would be perfect.

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The Wild Traveller

Wild Travellers are readily adaptable and highly independent. They enjoy the great outdoors and have an inclination towards extreme, thrilling activities. A solo backpacking trip or one with like-minded friends in New Zealand would be ideal for them. There, thrill-seekers can try some of the extreme activities New Zealand is well-known for, such as bungee jumping, skydiving, and canyoning.

The Chill Traveller

Chill Travellers are easygoing, cheerful, and low-key. They often have artistic inclinations and may appear introverted, but they love interacting with people and sharing their experiences with friends and family. They are most likely to appreciate a laid-back beach vacation with cultural activities. For this, San Juan in Puerto Rico is the perfect destination to spend relaxing at the beach, snorkelling, or playing a game of beach volleyball before visiting the historic city of Old San Juan.

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