Ice Pops In Singapore Worth Losing Your Cool Over Food Notes

Get yourself a dose of ice-cold goodness ASAP because the weather is just gonna get even hotter! 

You’re covered in a layer of sweat. Your clothes are clinging to your body. Your throat is parched. The heat is unbearable. All you want is that stick … you start salivating at the thought of a thick, creamy … and you lick your lips in anticipation, thinking about how all that flavours are going explode in your mouth … you go weak in the knees …

Ahem. Excuse us for this momentary lapse of decorum. In case you are wondering just where our introduction was leading to, we are talking about ice popsicles here.

Ice popsicles have been enjoying a revival of late, receiving artisan treatments and high quality ingredients usually reserved for gourmet desserts with more exotic sounding names. If you find soft-serve ice cream atop of waffles too … hipster, and want something more portable than bingsu (Korean shaved ice), then ice pops may just be the sweet treat you’re craving for. Here is a list of ice pop brands we would brave the heat for:

1. I See I See 

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A Hong Kong brand that recently made Singapore its first international outpost, the brand utilises a quick freeze method that submerges its moulds in freezing fluid at -18C to -20C. This results in super fine crystals, giving the ice pops an almost snow-like texture. I See I See uses only top quality ingredients. Its popsicles have a high natural fruit content and contain no preservatives and colouring.

I See I See is located at #B3-46, 313@Somerset. 


2. Popaganda 

Ice pops aficionados will be familiar with Popaganda. It’s one of the very first to re-introduce these old-school treats with its range of healthy, flavourful ice pops. Popaganda does everything from scratch, eschewing fruit concentrates in favour of peeling, zesting, and juicing its fruit instead. Its ice pops are a 100% vegetarian, are dairy-, preservatives-, artificial sweeteners-free, and contain coconut water and agave nectar. Oh! And they also create bespoke ice pops for events such as weddings and brand launches.

Popaganda is stocked at various locations. For more information, visit


3. Momolato

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Momolato started as a gelateria on the grounds of the Singapore Management University. Recently, the well-loved gelato shop has also entered the ice popsicle scene with flavours like Watermelon Kiwi and Avocado Coconut. As its main customer base are students, the prices at Momolato are also one of the most pocket-friendly (about $3.50 per stick compared to I See I See’s $5.90). However, you’d be pleased to know that the brand does not compromise on quality and it too uses premium and unique ingredients for its sweet treats.

Momolato is located at #01-73, SMU School of Economics and Social Sciences, 90 Stamford Road.


4. Frostbite 

Image: Frostbite's Facebook Page

Image: Frostbite’s Facebook Page

Established way back in 2011, Frostbite’s first shop was located at Toa Payoh and its offerings, inspired by the owners’ childhood memories. The popsicles are low-fat and packed with fresh fruit juices and purees, and do not contain gelatin and artificial preservatives. With fruity combinations such as Coconut Rambutan, Watermelon Lemon, and Orange Pineapple, you know you will be momentarily relieved of this headache-inducing heat with every bite!

Frostbite is located at 1 Fullerton Road, Merlion Park. It delivers with a minimum order of 20 popsicles. Call 8201 7704. 


5. Neh Neh Pops 

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Created by Chef Bjorn Shen of Artichoke, these popsicles look like they have been given steroids! Coated in a generous lashings of chocolate and toppings like nuts, marshmallows, M&Ms, and crushed Pocky sticks, Neh Neh Pops are for those who find the icy, fruity pops not “indulgent” enough. They cost slightly more than your usual fruit-based popsicles but for inventive combos like Mango Sticky Rice and Strawberry Pockie, we say, why not?

Neh Neh Pops are available at Artichoke, 161 Middle Road, Sculpture Square. 


6. Stick House 

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Enjoy Italian gelato on a stick at Stick House. Choose your stick base (gelato, yogurt or sorbet), then decide if you want to dip it into chocolate for a casing (you can choose premium dark, milk chocolate, or white chocolate), and then cover it in a topping of your choice. Located at Sentosa, we are sure the kids will have loads of fun crafting their own gelato combination.

Stick House is located at 10 Beach View, #01-02, 2 Imbiah Station, Sentosa. It also offers delivery so visit for more information. 


7. Yogart 

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Love your froyo? Then be sure to pay a visit to Yogart! On top of your usual frozen yoghurt with toppings ala LIao LIao, you will find yoghurt popsicles here. The prices here, however, a lot more friendly to the wallet with the starting price of a popsicle at just $2.80. Aesthetics were an important consideration when the owners started the business as they are painfully aware of creating Insta-worthy food. The ice pops here are a work of art with stunning colours from the fruit and ingredients used.

Yogart is located #01-56, Burlington Square, 175 Bencoolen Street. 


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