On Demand: The Best Wine Delivery Services in Singapore Food Notes

Never again will you be left high and dry. 

You might have experienced that scenario before. You’re rushing for time, trying to be punctual for a party at your friend’s house, and it’s totally slipped your mind to buy a bottle of wine. Now, however, with the newly launched BottlesXO, you won’t ever have to worry about showing up at a party empty-handed. That’s because this service promises to deliver wines anywhere within an hour, and at a perfect temperature so you can enjoy it immediately. Not so handy with a corkscrew? Fret not, because the driver who delivers it can even open it for you. How’s that for convenience?

And with the increasing number of entrants to the wine delivery market, consumers are now spoilt for choice. Nuevo Vino is one that has been around for a couple of years now. “We started Nuevo Vino partly because we wanted to make selecting  a wine easy for customers, and that’s the reason we have gone with a simple, concise, and jargon-free approach when writing about our wines, ” says Audrey Tan, creative catalyst at Nuevo Vino. “Wine is for everyone, not just snobs and purists!”

“Many Singaporeans find the process of choosing a wine too confusing, even intimidating. That’s where Nuevo Vino comes in. We translate and relate what we’ve seen, smelt, tasted and learned in an honest, simple way, ” adds Tan.

Thilo Fuchs, chief innovation officer and co-founder of BottlesXO, shares the same sentiments. “Consumers no longer want to have to stand in front of a supermarket shelf figuring out which wine to purchase – they want it done for them, and delivered to them in a fast and convenient fashion, ” he says.

But BottlesXO has no intention of fully replacing physical stores that sell wine. “We see ourselves as the digital version of the friendly neighborhood brick-and-mortar wine store, ” says Fuchs. “We are creating an additional channel for the consumer, which complements the restaurant or a wine bar or the very good corner shop wine store. Unfortunately, there are corner shop wines stores that don’t do deliveries or don’t have nice opening hours when you need them most. We pride ourselves as being the solution for every wine related emergency.”

A lot of online wine stores deliberately keep their selection small, and for good reason. Says Tan, “We get leads visiting trade fairs like Vinexpo, Vinitaly and of course, Alimentaria in Barcelona where the industry is booming being the world’s most popular wine exporter. According to Fortune, Spain sold 2.4 billion liters versus France’s 2 billion litres, but only made just €2.6 billion in sales versus France’s €8.7 billion. Starting from Spain is a conscious decision to source standout wines at fair prices.”

She adds that while curiosity leads people to sample different wines, customers tend to have a few tried-and-tested favourites that they go for time and again – the reason Nuevo Vino keeps its selection lean.

BottlesXO also has a small collection of about 30 labels, with prices starting form $35 for European wines from boutique wineries. Around 20 are mainstays, while the rest are limited edition. “The list is kept small because these are labels we can personally vouch for, ” says Fuchs. “We know the winemakers and have seen their processes. We know the love and passion that goes into every bottle and we want the consumer to feel that as well.”

Wine delivery services are offered by the following companies:

Nuevo Vino (also available on Redmart and Lazada)

Prices: From $24

Delivery policy: Free; no minimum spend; within three working days. You can have the option of choosing a day or night delivery slot. Special concessions can be made for urgent deliveries on public holidays.

Buy from here if … You prefer crowd-pleasing, easy-to-appreciate varieties. You can even choose to shop by occasion (quiet night, date night, with the guys, with the girls, etc)

BottlesXO (The app is available on the App Store and Google Play)

Prices: From $35

Delivery policy: Free delivery within one hour, no minimum order required. Wine arrives at perfect drinking temperature.

Buy from here if … you want to be assured of quality wine or if you need wine, like, NOW.


Prices: From around $20

Delivery policy: Seven days a week, from 10am to 10pm. Choose your two-hour delivery slot during checkout.

Buy from here if … you want a wide selection or you need wine in bulk. Redmart stocks commonly-found supermarket brands such as Penfolds and Wolf Blass, and sell some labels of wine in cases of six.

Wine Connection

Prices: From around $20

Delivery policy: No information on shipping time or minimum order on Wine Connection’s website. A shipping cost of $20 was added when we added a bottle that costs $24.90 to the shopping cart.

Buy from here if … you’re familiar with Wine Connection’s labels or need some guidance on food pairings. If you’re a frequent buyer of wine, consider signing up to be a member. For $120 a year, you’ll enjoy 10% on every retail purchase, receive a “welcome pack” worth $120, enjoy a bottle of sparkling wine on your birthday, and be invited to Wine Connection events.

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