Wardrobe Must-Haves For A True Gentleman Buy Buy Buy

Because no self-respecting gentleman would be caught without these items.

If you still let your mother or partner shop for you, then this article is exactly what you need. It’s high time you developed your own brand of style. It can be daunting to not have someone dress you so that you look like decent company. However, with these 5 versatile items in your wardrobe, you never have to worry about making another fashion faux pas! Every gentleman needs them to look and feel his best. Check them out and see which ones have made it into your wardrobe:

Wing Tip Shoes

wing tip shoes

Image Credit: Zalora

You are a grown man, not a frat boy. Ditch the boat shoes or at least take them out only when you are invited to a beach party. I change my mind. You should definitely throw them out. Want to be taken seriously in the adult world? These would do the trick! Get them in brown or black and they can match with almost everything!

White Oxford Shirt

white oxford shirt

Image Credit: Zalora

You can never go wrong with a crisp white shirt. It demonstrates you are meticulous with your laundry (no one likes a white shirt with a grey tinge) and that you actually do your own laundry (grownup goal achieved)! Always opt for ones in long sleeves. When it gets humid, roll it up to your elbows and you will still look put together. It is a laid-back piece that still manages to turn you into one sophisticated individual. Take note that you have to wear an undershirt so there won’t be any unsightly sweat marks.

Chronograph Watch

chronograph watch

Image Credit: Zalora

These watches exude sophistication, and is a mix between sporty and effortless chic. It’s the type of accessory that you can easily pair with formal wear or casual. Go on, ditch that plastic digital watch already.

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