5 Spots In Singapore To Walk Your Dog … According To Tony Tan Anything Goes

… no, not the President of Singapore. As the Education & Outreach Officer at Save Our Street Dogs (SOSD) Singapore, THIS Tony Tan dedicates the bulk of his free time to volunteering at the shelter and helping to raise awareness of the plight of street dogs in Singapore. In the last of our Drive For Good series, find out what happens when Hossan Leong’s Miriam Leong-Lim gets advice from Tony on adopting a dog, and help Tony win $5, 000 for SOSD Singapore!

In life, you meet few people like Tony Tan. His tireless commitment to making Singapore a better place for its street dogs is unmistakable; he and his wife Su Lin are long-time volunteers at SOSD, and they spend most of their free time either helping out at the shelter, working on the Pulau Ubin Sterilisation Project (Project SOUND), or reaching out to the public to help raise awareness of the plight of street dogs in Singapore.

An owner and a foster parent of dogs himself, Tony knows the best places in Singapore where you can walk, jog, and even swim with your dog! He shares his recommendations, below.

1. The road leading to Singapore Quarry

This closed road near Rail Mall is no longer open to vehicles and it is shaded by tall trees and lined with lush vegetation on both sides. It is around 3km long and the undulating terrain makes it a great place for your dog (and you) to get some exercise. And when you reach Singapore Quarry, the view is stunning. There is also a shelter there so you and your dog can take a rest and have a much-needed drink (bring your own water bottle as there are no toilets there).

2. Bay East Garden (opposite Gardens By The Bay)

The wide open fields one after another, separated by footpaths, make this a great place for your dog to take a longer walk on a softer surface (grass). After traversing the fields, you can bring your dog to Marina Barrage or head down the other way towards Singapore Sports Hub via the walking path, which is shielded from the sun by tall trees.

3. The Green Corridor (from Rifle Range Road to Rail Mall)

A 3km-long path covered in greenery, this is the perfect place to go jogging with your dog. Do be mindful of other joggers and cyclists. And the disused railway tracks on the bridges are covered in stones so be careful how you place your feet or you might accidentally twist your ankle. [Note: Part of The Green Corridor – the stretch off the Rail Corridor south of Holland Road – will be temporarily closed off for the construction of the Murnane pipeline. Please refer to PUB’s Facebook page for updates.]

4. Singapore Botanic Gardens

Need I say more? There are plenty of paths leading all over this beautiful place and numerous grassy plots to sit on and rest when you and your dog get tired. You can enjoy the scenery, while your dog has many places to sniff and smell to its heart’s content.

5. The beach near National Service Resort & Country Club (NSRCC)

This gem of a beach is shallow, even at high tide. At low tide, you can wade out for around 150m and the water comes up to your waist, or slightly higher. This makes it the perfect location to swim with your dog. After the swim, you can walk along the nearby jogging path to dry off.


Help Tony Win $5, 000 For SOSD Singapore!

If you, like Tony, would like to improve the welfare of stray dogs in Singapore, support this video by sharing it with your friends on Facebook today! If this video scores the most number of views in the Drive For Good campaign, Tony will win $5, 000 from Go Away and donate the full amount to SOSD Singapore. This campaign will run from March 11 to April 11, 2016, and is supported by Volkswagen Singapore. You may also view this video on Go Away’s Facebook Page here.

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