5 Important Tips For Cat Owners … According To Melody Chen Anything Goes

One FM 91.3 DJ Melody Chen is a well-known cat-lover and an ardent supporter of Cat Welfare Society. In this campaign with Go Away, the DJ shares some important tips for cat owners and stars in a hilarious video with local funnyman Hossan Leong. Support this video and help her win $5, 000 for Cat Welfare Society now! 

The post-lunch struggle is real; battling food coma while trying to at least look awake at our desk can be a monumental task. Good thing we have Melody Chen to keep us company from 1pm to 4pm on weekdays, on ONE FM 91.3! Her sultry, soothing voice, coupled with the station’s great selection of real music, helps power us through the post-lunch hours at work.

And, really, we cannot think of anyone better to host the show. A bona fide cat lover, Melody understands purr-fectly just how sleepy one can get after a full meal – simply from observing her two adopted cats, Gabby and Mocha! Read on as she shares 5 valuable tips every cat owner should know.

1. Catify your home

Cats have feelings, too! Your cat is a part of your family, so naturally you should share your home with it. Catify your home with pet beds, sisal scratching posts, cat toys, hiding holes, etc. This way, your cat will stop attacking your furniture or feeling the need to escape.

2. Train your cat to follow your schedule

Cats may be nocturnal creatures, but you can train them to sleep at night. Keep to a daily routine and let them follow your clock. They usually nap after meals, so feed them twice a day – once in the morning, and the other in the evening.

3. Don’t betray your cat’s trust

When cats rub against your leg or flop by your side to reveal their tummy, it’s not an invitation for you to rub your face or hands all over their belly! They are basically telling you they trust you and the space surrounding you. Reciprocate their trust by gently scratching their head and chin – and remember not to overdo the scratching, otherwise your cat may scratch you back!

4. Cats say “I love you” in many subtle ways

Cats aren’t as outwardly affectionate as dogs, but they do love their humans all the same. One common sign that your cats love you is when they blink very slowly at you – this shows they are content and feel absolutely comfortable around you. Another telltale sign? When your cats rub their cheeks or chin against you.

5. Grooming is necessary

Shower your cats at least once a month, brush their fur (yes, this applies to short-haired cats too), and trim their claws. The first few times will be challenging but they will get used to the grooming.

Help Melody Win $5, 000 For Cat Welfare Society

If you, like Melody, is a cat-lover, support this video by sharing it with your friends on Facebook today! If this video scores the most number of views in the Drive For Good campaign, Melody will win $5, 000 from Go Away and donate it to Cat Welfare Society. This campaign will run from March 9 to April 9, 2016, and is supported by Volkswagen Singapore. You may also view this video on Go Away’s Facebook Page here.

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