7 Types Of Appalling Drivers You’ll Find On Singapore’s Roads Anything Goes

Too. Many. A__holes. Out. There. 

In my opinion, raising ERP charges and reducing the number of cars on the roads will remain ineffective as long as drivers here continue to exhibit inconsiderate, selfish, and reckless behaviour. Just last week, a taxi driver tried to bully me into turning into a busy road with a bus coming from my right! When I refused to budge, he started to honk at me like a maniac! While I’d like to bring gender stereotypes into this,  based on my personal experience, both genders are equally guilty of terrible driving. A reckless driver is just as likely to cause an accident as a careless one. Below, 7 of the most commonly found horrible drivers on the roads; you may be one of them.

1. The Driver With A Death Wish … FOR EVERYONE


He gets angry at you for not beating the amber light. He flashes the high beam at you just because you stop to check if turning into a road means a certain death. He honks at anyone who tries to, you know, stay alive by driving a little more carefully. The driving school he went to did not teach him to stop at Stop lines and pedestrian crossings. In short: if he doesn’t maul anyone down with his driving, he is pushing you towards Death’s doorway by forcing you to drive recklessly so you won’t get in his way. C’MON! Turn already! The car is only coming at you at 80km/h!!! TURRRRRN!!!! 


2. The Driver With A Misplaced Sense Of Entitlement 


He thinks he is the Sun and everything revolves around him. He randomly stops his car on narrow two-lane roads marked with double yellow lines so he can buy laksa/pick up his kids from tuition/sit inside while waiting for Chinese New Year to happen; just deal with it, right? What’s so hard? He makes a U-turn as and where he likes it. He gets pissed off if you don’t let him overtake you or cut into your lane. It’s his way or the highway.


3. The Driver With FOMO 


The light’s turned green so why is the car in front of you not moving? Why is that car driving at 30km/h on a 70km/h road when the traffic is as light as Diet Coke? Wait. Why is the car on your left in danger of veering into your lane? Well, the driver is probably checking his phone and messaging at the same time! We all know it’s against the law but so many people do it anyway. As if Life will whizz past this driver if he so much as leaves his phone alone for 60 seconds. This guy has FOMO (fear of missing out) and does not give a damn if everyone is held up as long he gets to check Facebook every 5 seconds.


4. The Driver Who Grew Up Watching “Young & Dangerous” or “Fast & Furious” 


He’s annoyed at something and simply can’t live with himself if he doesn’t let you know it. Maybe you didn’t let him overtake you, maybe you successfully cut into his lane, or maybe you were driving a bit to slowly for his liking. Whatever it is, he now has to speed up, get his car in line with yours, and. Then. Turn. His. Head. To. Look. At. You. In. A. Threatening. Manner. Yeah … this method is sooooo effective, grown men have been known to pull over and rock themselves to sleep. Yawn.


5. The Driver Who’s In An Awful Hurry An Awful Lot 


Tailgating is a favourite, and so is inching his car forward while you are trying to park yours. Those extra seconds he just spent waiting for you? Wow. He could have saved the world, solved climate change and, put an end to world hunger. HURRY UP! This guy’s in a hurry to make a difference and you slowpokes are in his way. Oh, FYI, he doesn’t have time to park his car properly either – screw cos he’s got more important things to do than make life easier for his fellow car-owners.


6. The Driver Who Would Rather Die Than Give Way  

giphy (1)

Trying to filter into his lane? Well, this driver die-die must speed up so you can’t get in front of his car. Trying to inch your way into the line exiting the expressway? Don’t you dare cos it will kill him to even show so much as a smidgeon of graciousness. For this guy, signal lights are made to be ignored and disregarded because no one should ever, EVER, be in front of him.


7. The BMW Driver
This article says so. This article says so. This article says so. The memes below think so too. Well, you decide if they are right. (Note: Spelling mistake in the second meme is not by my design.) 



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  1. No excuse for bad driving EVER, but Singapore is very gentle compared to most cities…London, New York, Sydney, Manila. That said, I’m not rich enough to own a car in Singapore so my experience is from the back seat of a taxi or the saddle of my bicycle (whom Singapore drivers are surprisingly decent towards!).

  2. Most Singapore drivers forget the highway code the moment they have a licence , especially the horizontal signals , and even more so basic road safety .

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