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Don’t think you can stick to your new year resolution any longer? Tempted to throw in the towel already? Don’t! Here are 6 people who might just be able to help you reach your goals, if not, at least move closer to them. 

Said you’d lose some weight? Told yourself you’d accumulate less clutter? Swore upon your first child’s soul that you would start planning for your retirement? The beginning of a brand new year always pumps us up with so much hope and inspiration! It makes us believe we can achieve greater things and improve our lives! It makes us … SET NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS.

If you’re this close to giving up, don’t. Give yourself another shot! The 6 people below will help you stay right on track.

1. You’ve resolved to … START A RETIREMENT PLAN 

Your problem?  You could start a savings account in the bank that you’ll swear never to dip into. You could even embark on something futile like the 52-Week Money Challenge. The thing you’ve got to learn – sooner better than later – is that you’ll never “out-save” inflation. There is no need to start speculating in stocks; just speak to a financial advisor. Miss Money of our sister site Material World advises our readers on managing their money. As an independent advisor, Ten Huiyu (Miss Money’s real name) is able to recommend products from different companies so you know you’re getting the plan most suitable for your needs. Oh! Do speak to her about the “Retire Happy Plan” – it’s a savings plan that increases your guaranteed retirement income by 3.5% per annum to cushion against the effects of inflation.

Speak to: Ten Huiyu, senior financial consultant at Finexis Advisory. Tel: 9796-9106


2. You’ve resolved to … EXERCISE MORE 

Your problem? You had a gym membership but your bank account got to work out more regularly than you did. You tried one of those all-the-classes-you-can-do fitness passes but work always seemed to get in the way. You want someone who would be on your case like a personal trainer but you want to exercise in a social setting … HOW LIKE DAT?!? For just $100 a month, you can do as many bootcamps as you want with trainer Simon Pink. He runs 4 bootcamps every week at Evans Road Stadium and you can show up for just 1 or all – up to you. And if you think you can get away with a “Sorry. Can’t make it. Working late”, you’ll be in for a surprise.

Call: Simon Pink, bootcamp trainer. Tel: 9171-4927. Bootcamps are on Mon, Wed, and Thu at 7.30pm, and Sat at 8am.  


3. You’ve resolved to … BANISH CLUTTER  

Your problem? You’ve tried everything but the clutter just won’t disappear. Every few months or so you find yourself surrounded by stuff of every imaginable description. Well, if you haven’t heard of Marie Kondo, it’s high time you should. The Japanese cleaning guru’s housekeeping manual,  The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, has inspired people all over to declutter! She believes in only keeping things that “spark joy” and in storing things vertically rather than in piles.

Read: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Spark Joy. Books are available online on Kinokuniya here.


4. You’ve resolved to … EAT BETTER 

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Your problem? Determined to stay alert an hour after lunchtime, you promise yourself you’ll opt for greener, fresher lunch options this year. It’s been barely a month and already you’ve had 2 laksas, 3 chicken rices, and god knows how many McDonald’s Extra Value Meals! To stick to a healthy meal habit, you need 2 things: (1) A buddy and (2) A plan detailing where you’ll be getting your meals. The former means you’re not going at this alone, the latter keeps you from wavering because you don’t know where to go.

Follow: @veggiful on Instagram for recipe inspiration and Print out this list for where to eat healthily in Singapore.    


5. You’ve resolved to … BE MORE AWARE OF YOUR HEALTH     

Your problem? The only time you see a doctor is when you want an MC? Most of us take our health for granted until something catastrophic hits us or a family member. Do you get a full-body checkup, with blood tests, ECG, and urine and stool analysis, done at least once every two years? This year, make an appointment with your doctor to get a top-to-toe health assessment done, and promise yourself you won’t shake off any nagging discomfort.

Pay a visit: To your family doctor to get a full assessment done or, if you don’t have one, consider the Health Complete Package at the National University Hospital.


6. You’ve resolved to … GET ENOUGH SLEEP  

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Your problem? More than just getting that 8 hours every night, you want to wake up in the morning feeling like you’ve gotten some quality snooze. Why has that been so hard? From taking caffeinated drinks too late in day to stress and overstimulation, many of us don’t sleep well because we refuse to tweak our habits. Can’t stop using your smartphones in bed, leave it to charge in the living room. Can’t stop thinking about work? Make a list of stuff you need to address the following day in the office; chances are there really ain’t too many things to worry about and you are actually re-running the same things in your head over and over.

Be inspired by: Arianna Huffington. The founder of The Huffington Post is a big advocate of getting enough sleep. She believes we are in the midst of a sleep deprivation crisis and, by renewing our relationship with sleep, we can gain back control of our lives.

Pre-order The Sleep Revolution by Huffington on Amazon now. Meanwhile, make it a point to meditate with the Calm app daily.


She can’t sit still. Doesn’t sleep well either. But, Debs has found the one thing that’ll help her mind switch off – baking. There’s nothing she likes better than just focusing her energy on getting a cake or a pie to turn out right. With this newfound passion, she has made it a point to bring back interesting ingredients whenever she travels, so she can use them in her desserts. She names Tokachi of Hokkaido in Japan as one of her favourite places.

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