8 Instagram Accounts That Would Ignite Your Wanderlust Buy Buy Buy

Hit that “follow” button on these accounts now.

1. @megsymckay


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This account belongs to a lady who runs a travel blog with a twist:, where she “[tries] to sell destinations to my brother who believes ‘[she] never goes anywhere f@#king nice”. Her shots are pretty but the blog is even better. In her posts, she directly addresses her brother while describing her travels. A choice excerpt: “What’s not to love about giraffes? I’d go so far as to say that disliking them means you probably fit the profile of a psychopath. Long legs, long eyelashes, pretty face, a long, elegant neck, and a predisposition to cluster in groups around rhinoceros poo. I could be describing a supermodel really.”  


  2. @kkkkk21

China is waaaaaay more than just Shanghai and Beijing – and this account is proof of that. For the nature lover, this account will provide plenty of inspiration for those who want to explore the more scenic parts of Sichuan. The account holder also posts lots of mouth-watering food shots from cafes around Shenzhen.


3. @karennedwards

This account is run by Karen Edwards, a travel and entertainment editor from London. She’s currently posting lots of beautiful pictures of her travels in South America. We also like her evocative and in-depth travel writing, which can be found at  


  4. @adambalatoni

Run by a Hungarian based in Germany, Adam posts impossibly beautiful pictures of German landscapes.


5. @picturepakistan

What’s the first thing you think of when we say “Pakistan”? Let’s get real: Images of war and suffering were probably what sprang to mind. But did you know that Pakistan is also home to the Hunza Valley, a mountainous valley with spectacular and tranquil scenery? This account curates and aggregates scenic shots of Pakistan – providing another much-needed perspective of this beautiful, and highly misunderstood country.  


  6. @warrencamitan

If this account doesn’t make you want to plan a trip to Boracay in the Philippines ASAP, we don’t know what will.


7. @theshutterwhale

For those who have a taste for the finer things in life, Singapore-based blogger Mark Chua’s Instagram account should provide plenty of fodder. Expect lots of artful shots of hotels and drool-worthy food pictures. His website, The Shutterwhale, has in-depth reviews of luxury hotels around the region, as well as nifty guides on how to accrue frequent flyer miles using credit cards.    


8. @helloemilie

423, 000 followers have fallen in love with Australia-based Emilie Ristevski’s pictures, all of which have these dreamy, romantic quality about them.

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