7 Weird Food-Scented Candles You Won’t Believe Exist Buy Buy Buy

Stocking stuffers, anyone? By Sharifah Nursyafiqah

Instead of having the scents of cinnamon and peppermint sticks wafting through your homes this holiday season, why not try the scent of candies or German schnitzel? If these sound right up your alley, check out these other wacky food-scented candles to spruce up your space.


1. Krispy Kreme Scented Candle

krispy kreme

If you love the sweet smell of piping hot donuts, this candle is for you. Available on Amazon, the Krispy Kreme Dulce de Leche candle allows you to “experience the delightful smell of Krispy Kreme with none of the fattening side effects.” We can’t guarantee this won’t make you want to run out and buy a dozen donuts, though. This product also comes in other popular Krispy Kreme flavours, such as Raspberry Filled and Maple Iced Glazed.


2. Pringles Scented Candles


Just this month, Pringles UK released a set of three meat and cheese-scented candles for the holiday season. The flavours include Pigs in Blankets, Cheesy Cheese, and Texas BBQ. Sounds interesting? Unfortunately, we can’t get them just yet – only 500 candles have been produced in the UK, but Pringles is having a customer survey to see if these potato-chips-inspired candles could be entering a wider market.


3. Skittles scented jar candles


Fancy the scent of a rainbow wafting in your home? Skittles candles are real, and you can get them in your favourite colours too! Available on Amazon, scents include Raspberry, Cherry, Strawberry, and Melon Berry.


4. M&M scented candle


While you’re buying candy-inspired candles, why not try this one? These colourful M&M candles are available in a range of flavours, such as Tarty Pear, Red Hot Apple Cinnamon, and the classic Milk Chocolate. Perfect for the M&M lover in your life.


5. Food Network Sunday Morning Pancake Three-Wick Candle

food network

If you love waking up to the scent of fluffy pancakes in the morning, you’ll want to get your hands on this. Described as “fluffy, golden pancakes drizzled with warm maple syrup and melted butter, ” this soy candle is inspired by the recipes developed on Food Network (think Rachael Ray, Guy Fieri, and the show Chopped).


6. Schnitzel With Noodles Yankee Candle


Fan of this German dish? If you wish you can bottle the scent of homely German food and have it wafting through your own home, head over to Amazon and get this now. Think this scent sounds weird? You might be surprised to know that this candle smells wonderful, according to the reviews. If anything, it does make a good gag gift!


7. KFC scented candles


These first appeared in 2013, and they were back on sale briefly in May this year. As part of Kentucky for Kentucky’s ‘Scents of Commonwealth’ series, candles featured include Fried Chicken, Mint Julep, and even Double Down. So if you want the scents of fried food wafting through your kitchen, with none of the actual greasiness (though we’d take the real chicken over a scented candle any day), let’s hope these candles make a second comeback.

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