10 Types Of People You Don’t Ever Want To Travel With Anything Goes

Which ones of these travellers have you encountered?

I’ve had the privilege of travelling a fair bit since I started working. This also means I’ve travelled with many different types of people – most of them are normal, but inevitably there are a few oddballs who threaten to turn your holiday into a nightmare. Below, a non-exhaustive list of the latter.

1. The One Who Skimps On Everything


They are the type who will never settle on the first offer. Instead, they will suss out several other vendors and choose the lowest price available – even if the final purchase costs only 50 cents cheaper. Wish to indulge in a slightly fancy meal just once during your shopping trip in Bangkok? Forget it; they will insist on returning to that packed-to-the-gills eating house for the third consecutive day for middling local food at dirt-cheap prices.

2. The One Who Splurges On Everything

too rch

On the other side of the coin, there are travellers who never settle on anything less. They turn their noses up at the idea of cheap finds, refusing to stay at less-than-four-star hotels, try highly recommended street food, or go for a massage that isn’t at a hotel.

3. The One Who Is A Stickler For Schedules


They are the type who would prepare your travel itinerary on a spreadsheet weeks in advance. Failure to comply with the schedule will result in panic and disorder – for the self-proclaimed planner, that is.

4. The One Whose Mobile Phone Is Glued To Her Hand

phone addict

Whether they are checking their emails or refreshing their social media feeds, these mobile phone addicts are usually no fun to be with at a place where you’re supposed to be soaking up local cultures and enjoying new experiences.

5. The One Who Tends To Sleep In


They are always missing hotel breakfasts because they are still starfishing in bed. That’s still okay … except when they still refuse to get up at 11am to explore the country you both paid money to travel to.

6. The One Who Always Complains, Complains, Complains


Flight delayed for 30 minutes? Such a waste of time. No shade from the sun during lunch? Worst day of their life. Need to walk up a short slope to arrive at your hotel? IT’S THE END OF THE WORLD. No, seriously, take a chill pill and just learn to compromise.

7. The One Who Just Wants To Party Every Night


It isn’t that you’re a party-pooper, but spending half your holiday hungover AF is not your idea of fun. The worst thing is, you’d feel horribly guilty if you ditched your friend at a club, not knowing if she would get piss-drunk or end up hurt.

8. The One Who Is Fussier Than Your Cat When It Comes To Food

fussy food

The nearby local cafe is too crowded. The street food stall looks dodgy. The restaurant is too expensive. The food served at another restaurant seems unappealing. Oh, and the cafe next door doesn’t serve local food. For crying out loud, just pick something already!

9. The One Who Travels With Kids


While you adore her children, you don’t really wish to spend your vacation dealing with screaming kids and an overprotective parent – especially if you’re single and looking for a good time.

10. The One Who Worries Too Much


It’s always important to err on the side of caution when you’re in a foreign country, but to fret about everything and anything – whether or not to jetski, buy iced coffee from a roadside vendor, or enter a regular taxi – can be very exasperating for your travel buddy. Live a little!

With wanderlust flowing in her veins, Lili has always had grand dreams of travelling the world, escaping to exotic locales and experiencing different cultures. Whenever Life gets too much for her, she reaches straight for her earphones to tune out the world. More than just a temporary distraction, music has a profound way of taking her to places that stir the soul.

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