Kickstart Your Fitness Regimes At These Amazing Asian Retreats The Great Escape

Don’t knock it till you try it – fitness holidays may be just the thing you need to energise and rejuvenate yourself on your break. 

1. Pick up Silat at MesaStila (Borobudur, Central Java)



Pencak Silat1

MesaStila is a gorgeous retreat comprising 23 villas set within the highlands of Central Java. Built within a coffee plantation and surrounded by eight mountains and tropical gardens, it’s the perfect setting for those looking for a respite from Singapore’s blistering heat. Secret Retreats works with silat masters to have them teach this ancient martial art to its guests. If you’re interested in a session, be sure to let the concierge know, so they can arrange it for you. After expending all the energy, take it down a notch by relaxing at the retreat’s hamamm spa.

Find out more about MesaStila at Secret Retreats.  

2. Immerse Yourself in the Art of Eight Limbs at Samujana (Koh Samui, Thailand)

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Located on the beautiful island of Koh Samui, Samujana has a limited time only “Escape the Haze” package. An expansive infinity pool overlooks a clear blue sea, and all Samujana villas have direct beach access. There are a number of activities available, from luxury boat charters, private island tours, tailored yoga classes, and more.

From now till December, book a minimum three-night stay at Samujana and the following activities will be thrown in at no extra charge:

  • A group beachfront yoga session per stay
  • 1 x 90mins Thai massage per adult per stay
  • A group Thai cooking class per stay
  • A group Muay Thai boxing class per stay

To book, visit Samujana’s website here. Booking period is from now till November 30, 2015. Rates differ based on the size of the villa. 

3. Try Your Hand at Qi Gong in Jing’s Residence (Pingyao, Shanxi Province, China)


Jing's Residence 8


A boutique hotel located in heart of Pingyao, Jing’s Residence used to be the home of a rich silk merchant. This traditional dwelling is made of ancient carved wooden window frames, bamboo flooring, and rice paper ceilings. The owner’s passion for the arts is reflected in its decor of exquisite lacquer chests and antiques. If you’re keen, the concierge can arrange for a Qi Gong master to bring you through some basic techniques – and we’re sure that immersing yourself within such a traditional environment reminiscent of old-school “wuxia” movies is just the motivation you need.

Find out more about Jing’s Residence at Secret Retreats.  

4. Perfect Your Warrior Poses at Serenity Eco Guesthouse (Canggu, Bali, Indonesia)


Screenshot 2015-10-19 14.07.06

The lodging may be basic, but it’s also clean, comfortable, and filled with character. And sometimes that’s really all you need. If you’re planning for a longer break away from work to do yoga, Serenity Eco Guesthouse is a great choice that won’t break the bank as the most expensive room goes for just $40 a night – and that’s during high season. What we like, however, is the fact that there are yoga classes at all times of the day. The earliest class starts at 8am, and the last class ends at 7.45pm every day. There are hatha, vinyasa, and yin classes for beginner and more advanced practitioners, and there’s even a yoga class customised just for surfers! The guesthouse also houses a restaurant with raw and vegan options for those looking for a complete health reboot.

Find out more about Serenity Eco Guesthouse by clicking this link

She may have been born and bred in Singapore, but Denise considers Chiang Mai her spiritual home and needs to make a yearly pilgrimage there to maintain her sanity. Competitive by nature, she enjoys combat sports and is currently obsessed with Brazilian jiu-jitsu, which she picked up just under a year ago. To no one’s surprise, the country currently at the top of her travel bucket list is Brazil.

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