7 Types Of Co-workers As Halloween Characters Anything Goes

Any of these sound familiar? By Jagdish Singh

Dressing up for Halloween? If you haven’t decided on a costume yet, some of these characters might inspire you… and you might be seated next to one right now!

1. The Zombie


Definitely not a morning person, they are the ones in the office who almost always look like they never had enough sleep. The hardest thing for them is walking into office in the morning. Some call them the walking dead, but they’re usually just sleepwalking.

Fear factor: 1 out of 5. They might just sleepwalk and bump into you.
Dealing with them: An early morning caffeine rush usually helps.


2. The Pirate


They are the ones in the team who close one eye at work and do not care about getting it done. Like a typical pirate, they are more interested in treasure, and treasure for them is stealing all the credit for themselves, despite not contributing to the team.

Fear factor: 5 out of 5. They make the boss think that you did not contribute, and it is a threat to you staying on the job.
Dealing with them: Avoid letting them get on your ship, or in this case, your team.


3. The Caveman


They do not look like the typical office person you’ll expect to see around the Central Business District. They look extremely unkempt and hardly ever shower or brush their teeth in the morning. It is rare to see them with ironed clothes, looking smart and fresh. Don’t be surprised to find quite a few in your office.

Fear factor: 3 out of 5. That overwhelming breath of “fresh” air from their mouths can be scary, as is the accumulated sweat smell from few days of not showering.
Dealing with them: Perfume and mouthwash offers temporary relief, but someone just needs to tell them to shower.


4. The Witch


They don’t dress like a witch nor look like one, but they do practice witchcraft! Typically their witchcraft is practiced on you when they act nice in front of you, but gossip to others behind your back.

Fear factor: 4 out of 5. A true element of surprise and constant fear as you never know what they are going to say about you, or when they are going to practice their witchcraft on you.
Dealing with them: It is best to ignore the witch to keep your sanity.


5. The Royalty


The one who wants constant luxury and comfort, the royalty is allergic to hawker centres and prefers restaurants and fine dining during lunch breaks. Taking a bus or a walk to lunch is never an option because a cab ride is much preferred by royals.

Fear factor: 2 out of 5. Likely to leave a hole in your wallet with their expensive taste.
Dealing with them: Slowly start asking them to pay for your lunch and they’ll eventually stop suggesting expensive places. (Success not guaranteed.)


6. The Ghost


Like Casper, the ghost is friendly and is of no harm. The ghost rarely appears as they are always on MC and are never at work. Likely to appear only at big meetings and especially on pay day, this ghost does not inconvenience anyone, and is friendly on the rare occasion they are present at the office.

Fear factor: 1 out of 5. Really there is nothing to be afraid of unless of course you’re working on a project with them and they don’t come to work.
Dealing with them: It’s hard to deal with them as you hardly see them, but when they are around, they could you teach you a trick or two on how to become a ghost yourself.


7. The Devil


The junior workers of the company are usually fresh blood for the devil as they boss newbies around and bully them with work. Having been in the company for many years, they think they know it all and slowly consume the fresh blood when mistakes are made. They are the main reason many of the new workers quit a few months after joining the company.

Fear factor: 5 out of 5. Especially for those new in the company, their evil spirit slowly overpowers you and you become possessed.
Dealing with them: Being egoistic helps but really you need to have good resilience to be immune to them.

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