Unusual Animal Cafes In Asia (That Do Not Involve Cats Or Dogs) The Great Escape

Thanks to one of these unique cafes, you no longer have to decide between coffee, tea, or meh.

I haven’t been to a dog cafe, but I’ve been to a few cat cafes in Asia. There must be some truth in studies that claim spending time with animals can help relieve stress, because I certainly felt lighter and more relaxed after those visits!

But did you know there is a handful of uncommon animal cafes in Asia that do not feature your favourite feline or canine furbabies? If you’re an animal lover, you may want to consider checking these out.

Oia Cafe
No. 12-1 Beishizi, Houcuo Li, Sanzi District
Xinbei, Taiwan


Photo: Oia Cafe Facebook page

Photo: Oia Cafe Facebook page

How could anyone resist falling for these alpacas? They are friendly, fluffy, and look absolutely adorkable. The star of this cafe is called Snow – apparently, she is the least camera-shy of the lot (see, she’s smiling!), and she loves cosying with humans!

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Sakuragaoka Cafe 23-3 Sakuragaokacho, Shibuya-ku Tokyo, Japan Chocolat and Sakura, the two resident goats at this cafe, are quite the celebrities in bustling Shibuya. Locals and tourists adore the inseparable pair, who seem completely nonchalant to the attention most of the time. Before bedtime, the little wooden pen in which they chill out is covered with a noise-cancelling sheet! The staff take Chocolat and Sakura out for daily walks – and if you wish to do the same, you can call the cafe in advance to make a booking. According to many reviews, this cafe serves up pretty tasty food, too. (But don’t worry, I doubt mutton’s on the menu.)

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Thanks Nature Cafe
486 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu
Seogyu Prugio Apartment Store B121
Seoul, South Korea

I guess the best things do come in pairs, huh? Thanks Nature Cafe is the second animal cafe that features two resident animals on this list. Say hello to Lily and Milky – two sheep so fluffy, I want to hug them tight and never let go! For the most part, the sheep stay put in a pen outside the cafe, but you can follow Thanks Nature Cafe’s Facebook page for updates as to when the sheep are out of the pen and free to roam. In the meantime, check out them fluffy buns!

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Lucky Bunny Cafe Moo Baan Klang Muang Rama IX-Ladproa Bangkok, Thailand This cafe, which recently moved to a new location, is a must-visit for all bunny lovers. It’s clear that the owners place the welfare of rabbits their top priority – there are limits to the number of people and the amount of time spent per visit; the cafe and rabbit areas are kept separated; and, each rabbit has its own spacious pent that’s labelled with the occupant’s name and medical information!


Cafe Babo
Number 9 Apartment 3, Hoa Phuong Street, Phu Nhuan District
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Definitely not for the squeamish, this cafe is home to more than 10 reptiles – from snakes and salamanders to iguanas and frogs. The owner is a young reptile enthusiast, who hopes to change the generally negative perception many people have on the cold-blooded creatures. I’m still sitting on the fence about this. On the one hand, the intention is great; but on the other, this could very well inspire copycats with less-than-noble intentions, and as a result perpetuate the illegal wildlife trade.

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  1. I went to an owl cafe in Tokyo.
    It’s called fukuro no mise.

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